An exhilarating ATM experience!

4 Min Read An exhilarating ATM experience

Arabian Travel Market, the leading B2B travel exhibition unlocking the business potential within the Middle East, was a great place to connect with global key players in the travel trade. One attribute common to all the businesses - Hoteliers, travel agents, airlines, and cruises was the passion for new technology, hunger to connect with key partners, and leverage their partnership to drive business growth.

Reflecting on its theme, 'The future of international travel and tourism,' it not only proved an effective recovery from the pandemic but promised an even more significant boost to the scale of the tourism industry. I was amazed to witness how their vision goes beyond their respective targets to supporting each other and achieving an overarching success for tourism. The energy, passion, and a focused vision for upscaling the industry were the driving factors binding us all together, which engendered a spirit of ambitious targets and taking risks. I leveraged this opportunity to learn about the paucity of a relevant analytical platform dedicated to tourism which further helped me tailor our in-house platform, "TBO Dataworks," specific to the requirements of industry leaders. The root of its germination was the vision to create a one-stop solution for our partners to analyze their current performance, potential risks, and markets with high potential to deliver a dollar value impact.

The core ingredients for creating a valuable product are demarcating a target market and identifying its challenges. The ATM enabled us to further enhance "TBO Dataworks" with actionable insights on market positioning, price competitiveness, growth opportunities, future demand, and projected areas of risk to promise a bolstered growth.

To recapitulate, ATM acted as a catalyst to scale the partnerships between industries and promote healthy competition in view of the overall scale of tourism. Being surrounded by erudite and passionate leaders radiated enthusiasm, leaving a substantial impact on one's vision of the challenging yet exciting tourism industry.

ATM experience
Author : Nishi Kashyap | Associate Manager - Product