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Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
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We Tried It: EXERT Smart Body Coolant

$30 for a 4-ounce can (lasts four to six weeks for most customers); available at exertco.com and amazon.com; also at some pharmacies, check exertco.com/stores for locations

The pitch: “When skin temperature rises, Exert activates and cools the skin by 2 to 6 degrees. When body temperature drops to normal, Exert recharges and is ready to cool again without the need to reapply.”

The skinny: If at first you don’t succeed, try EXERT again. Or hand it off to a friend, because it might work for her.

That’s what we learned when we received a can of EXERT Smart Body Coolant for review.

Our first tester doesn’t have the hot flashes, or “temperature spikes,” that EXERT is designed to fight. But she does get hot faster than most people, so she wondered if EXERT would help keep her cool on a hot day.

She used the product as directed — sprayed it on and rubbed it in and headed to the gym. But she didn’t think it helped much — when things heated up, so did she — and she passed it on to me.

I’m the opposite: I’m usually cold ... until I’m not. Hot flashes turn me into a puddle, and they wake me up at night. (The covers go on and off and on and off. Sound familiar?)

The first time I tried EXERT, right before going to bed, I was skeptical. I used it only on my torso — which is where the heat always starts.

And it worked. I usually have a hot flash within minutes of getting into bed — and I could tell one was coming on — but it was as though it hit a force field and couldn’t make it’s way through.

So I tried it again. The second time I rubbed it onto my mid-section and upper body. And again, I could feel it mitigating the heat. I still had that apprehensive feeling I often get when a hot flash is coming, and I still had heart palpitations. But that was it. The people behind EXERT claim it works by drawing heat away from the body only when the body needs it to.

It didn’t last all night (although the directions say it will), but it got me through the first few hours, which usually are the worst.

The spray is light and dries right away, so it isn’t messy. (Still, I’d recommend spraying it on your hands first and rubbing it on.) It doesn’t stain and it doesn’t smell, so you can put it on right before bed without worrying about ruining your sheets or, you know, your relationship.

Kim Franke-Folstad

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