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Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018
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Residents are cooling it at Freedom Plaza

“It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy,” mostly because most of what we do is in air-conditioned comfort.

Freedom Plaza residents, like other Floridians, limit their fun in the sun during these hot, muggy months. Golfers tee off while the greens are still wet with dew; tennis and pickleball players are out shortly after dawn and both groups are back inside in time for a late breakfast in the French Café.

Those seeking indoor activities need not look far to find cool things to do at Freedom Plaza. A glance at the weekly calendar reveals a variety of interesting ways to spend leisure time without setting foot outside. Some residents engage in heated battles between teams on Trivial Pursuit night or sweat out a poor hand in bridge or poker.

Even sitting in the hot tub beside the indoor pool has a cooling physical result and soothing mental effect.

One group of residents, in particular, has found a way to be cool while accomplishing their “work.” The Freedom Singers are rehearsing both Oktoberfest and Christmas music. They feel the chilly breezes of the Rhine River as they sing about the Lorelei, a mythical maiden who lured boatmen to their death, while Christmas music with words like “snow” conjures up visions of wintertime.

What could be cooler than an indoor sports night? Last summer’s similar event was so well received that an encore is planned. The auditorium will be converted to an arena where “gladiators” exhibit their skills at table tennis, miniature golf, bean-bag toss and floor shuffleboard. In the center of the room a net will be set up for chair volleyball. Players, who rotate after each game, must remain seated while trying to control balloons that quickly float out of reach instead of volleyballs. The laughter and cheering from the sidelines gets noisy, and the competition gets hot, but everyone keeps their cool.

If all of these things fail to moderate the heat of summertime, the Christmas in July sign-up notification coming out soon should do the trick. This announcement of special December events and excursions assists residents in making their holiday plans and locks in preferred seating and accommodations. It includes not only area theatrical productions, but also the ever-popular Fort Myers Holiday Excursion, a sure-fire way to “cool it” at Freedom Plaza.

Peggy Burgess is an associate of Freedom Plaza and a columnist for The Sun.

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