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Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018
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Choices, choices, choices

Now that we’re winding up phase one of our condo remodel, it’s time to select paint colors, décor items and furnishings. There’s just one problem. I’m overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of options I have. There’s too much to choose from.

Do I go with the shabby/chic beach house look or the cleaner style of mid-century modern? Stick with soft sea blues or mossy greens? Stainless steel or white appliances?

It’s human nature to want options. Very few people want to be stuck with only one or two choices. I much prefer a restaurant with a varied menu than one with only two types of sandwiches. I buy groceries where there’s a large selection of produce, not where there’s only two types of peppers.

That’s one of the great things about living in Sun City Center – there are so many lifestyle options. You may want a single family home where you can design and work in your own garden. Or you may want the no-fuss of a condo where lawn care is part of your monthly dues. You may be totally happy whipping up gourmet dinners in the kitchen or you may want to live where your meals are included so you don’t have to do a thing. No matter your lifestyle, we have it here.

You can be on the golf course or on a pond. You can be close in to the shopping and banking or miles away from the noise of the traffic.

Which reminds me, there are also options with transportation. Don’t want the cost or upkeep of a car? The whole town is golf cart accessible! If you don’t want that, there are lanes for biking. A lot of our communities have shuttles to take you anywhere you want to go. And walking is the best exercise there is.

One thing’s for sure – if you’re bored living in Sun City Center, it’s because you choose to be. Yes, even boredom is a choice here. With more than 200 clubs, there’s bound to be one that interests you. From woodcrafting to amateur radio to clubs that celebrate Italian heritage, there’s something for everyone. There are groups for card games, water aerobics, photography, dancing and shell crafting. You can hang out with people from your home state or garden with the Tillers and Toilers.

You can also volunteer for scores of organizations in the community. The Emergency Squad or the Security Patrol. The hospital or Good Samaritans. Food pantries, animal shelters, emergency response teams. They all need volunteers to continue to meet their missions.

So whether you want to lay out by the pool all day or work part time, enjoy a group or read alone on your lanai, you have many choices.

So grab some paint samples and a Home Decorators catalog and come help me decide where the furniture goes. Because sometimes, in some cases, we can have too many choices.

Dana Dittmar is CEO of the Sun City Center Area Chamber of Commerce.

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