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Sunday, Nov 18, 2018
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What Times readers say GOTTA GO! in sports

We recently asked Times readers what they would like to see eliminated from sports. Here are some of the responses we received on Twitter and Facebook:

• Start with our 2015 #1 draft pick (Jameis Winston). —@harbday

• Publicly funded stadiums. Tampa is about to get hosed. — @RTShark

• Long baseball games. Stepping out of the batters box. Paying ridiculous salaries to baseball players. Huge grown men playing basketball on the same size court and same height basket as middle schoolers. MMA. NFL overtime rules. Committing to colleges before junior year in HS. — @Carriewerdine

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• All-star games. They used to be fun to watch when I was younger. But I have not watched an all-star game in 20 years. — @blindsquirrelst

• NFL overtime rules for sure, roughing the passer penalty is WAAAAAY overblown, year round sports for youth baseball. — @vakellym

• Limit BB games to 2.5 hours tops. — @247fubar

• Professional coaches or athletes with felonies or similar issues being allowed to continue playing or coaching. — @catlett74

• Eliminate spiking the ball to stop the clock. Don't reward the offense for not attempting a real play that requires time off the clock. — @GerkenB

• Take away timeouts from the sidelines. Make the sideline communicate to players/captains on the field. Stop allowing offenses to come set then suddenly move to check on a change of play. — @GerkenB

• Shootouts for hockey decisions. Extend the 3 on 3 to 10 minutes. — Raymond Kinsella

• QBs that throw the ball down like a spoiled brat when their team is whistled for a false start. — Mike Bowers

• I would vote to take away Tom Jones. — @Rhino95.

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