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Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
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5 ways Rays baseball is like Star Trek

The worlds of sports and sci-fi are set to collide tonight when the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Boston Red Sox during Star Trek night at the Trop. Fans are encouraged attend the game dressed in Trek gear, and a special ticket package from will include a Rays/Star Trek shirt and a seat in the press level, where Klingons and Star Fleet officers will be hanging out. On first glance, jocks and Trekkies might not seem like the best combination, but take a closer look and you'll see that America's pastime isn't really all that different from going where no man has gone before. So to make sure that you live long and prosper on game night, here are five ways baseball fans and Trek fans can find common ground.
Iconic glasses – On "Star Trek: The Next Generation" blind Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge is known for wearing a high-tech visor that gives him sight, and a cool, futuristic look. Rays Manager Joe Maddon is known for wearing eyeglasses that give him sight, of course, and a cool, hipster look. Dominant alien enemies – In Star Trek, the Borg are an unstoppable alien race that assimilates other species into its collective by implanting them with their superior Cyborg technology. The Rays' division rivals, the New York Yankees, have been accused of dominating baseball by assimilating the best players onto their team with their superior bankroll. Homes that come and go – The Starship Enterprise was home to the cast of Star Trek for all three seasons of the original 1960s series, but when Klingons threatened to capture the beloved ship in "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock," Captain Kirk self destructed it to save his crew. Tropicana Field has been home to the Rays since their first season in 1998, but the team is ready to ditch the outdated stadium in hopes of saving its hurting attendance numbers. Adults in funny costumes – Star Trek fans are known to strap on pointy Vulcan ears and dress up in colorful uniforms adorned with Star Fleet insignias when they attend conventions. The Rays players and coaches have been known to wear gigantic bowties, tie-dyed pajamas and colorful plaid golf pants during their themed road trips. Leaders and beautiful women – Captain Kirk was a well-known ladies man, hooking up with coworkers, scantily-clad alien queens and even a beautiful Cyborg that short-circuited due to Kirk's overwhelming charms. Evan Longoria confirmed that he was dating Playboy model Jaime Edmonson in February, but short-circuited his season by three months when he tore a hamstring.
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