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Saturday, Oct 20, 2018
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Bachelor and Belles celebrates 40 years

The crystal ball went around and around all evening long at the last Bachelor and Belles Friday evening dance, reminding me that we humans only go around once.

Over the years, the organization has seen hundreds of singles pass through its doors. A large number of singles met their sweethearts at the dances of their youth, and many went on to marry. Though the Bachelor and Belles primarily caters to singles, couples are welcome with open arms, a handshake or a hug. The club has lost many of its members due to moves and death; consequently, its membership has dropped and, due to a lack of publicity, membership and dance attendance remains dormant. However, the accomplishments for the seniors in the Tampa Bay area over the past 40 years needs to be recognized.

Members of this club never experience a lonely birthday. Once a month, the entire assembly celebrates everyone having a birthday that month. They provide numerous opportunities to socialize, not only on the dance floor, but once a month they invite members and nonmembers to a dinner at a local restaurant. On occasion, a dinner is held at a private home. Gaming trips also appear on their activity list, as well as picnics and the like.

There are a few folks that attend the dances and never dance. They come for companionship, and to capture the music memories of days gone by. Usually, the evening’s music is provided by disc jockeys with the occasional a live band. Most of the music comes from the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s

Most single seniors in their sixties and up are not your typical “bar hoppers,” however, they still have many miles left on their “highway of life.” Without social activity, many of them would withdraw from the outside world.

The club is nonprofit. Tickets for dances are $7 for members and $9 for nonmembers. Drinks and snacks are available and BYOB is accepted. Mixed drinks are also available.

The women, at the present time, out number the men. Here’s your chance guys and time to twist your “booty.”

Sadly, many senior singles and couples in the Tampa Bay area are unfamiliar with this fantastic organization. Instead, they choose to just sit home on a Friday evening and watch their world pass them by. But they don’t need to.

For more information about the Bachelor and Belles, please contact, (813) 935-2996.

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