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Thursday, Oct 18, 2018
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5 great photos from Tampa Bay Times readers

Our latest reader photo poll features a supermoon, a high-altitude sunset photo, a sunrise silhouette, some picturesque flowers and a cute frog. Please cast your vote below to help decide which of these five images from Tampa Bay Times readers will hold the title of Reader Photo of the Month.

Each of these photos was published on the front page of the BayLink section of the newspaper during December.

Voting ends January 31, at 8:30 a.m. (You’ll find this month’s photos directly underneath the poll.)

1. Sunset at 30,000 feet (Published December 3, 2017) [Submitted by Kelley Webster, Clearwater, FL.]
2. Sunrise at Coffee Pot (Published December 6, 2017) [Submitted by Lauren Clark, St. Petersburg, FL.]
3. Flowers of Grange Hall (Published December 11, 2017) [Submitted by Brad Prevatt, Wimauma, FL.]
4. Supermoon rising (Published December 19, 2017) [Submitted by Lois Booth, Beverly Hills, FL.]
5. Morning frog (Published December 25, 2017) [Submitted by Pat Herrick, St. Petersburg, FL.]

Hats off to the winner of the November 2017 Reader Photo of the Month poll: Tristine Barry of Hudson, FL.

To order reprints of any of the above images, please see our 2017 Reader Photo gallery.

If you’ve taken a photo you would like us to consider publishing in the Times, please check the front page of the BayLink section of the paper for submission details.

Tim Rozgonyi | Twitter: @timrozgonyi | e-mail: [email protected]

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