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Sunday, Aug 19, 2018
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'Spider-man' spotted aiding in Hurricane Irma cleanup in Florida

He wasn't shooting webs from his wrists or flinging his body off roof tops, but a Florida man was certainly living up to the moniker "Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man" in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma this week.

A Bradenton woman, Cheryl Hanbury, posted a photo to her Facebook page of a Spider-man with a chain saw scaling a tree in her neighborhood. Hanbury wrote the Spider-man was helping cut up the huge tree that covering her street and blocking the roadway on Monday. Since then, people have been sharing her snapshot and enjoying Florida's sense of hurricane humor.

She said the tree was about 100 feet high but didn't hit anyone when Irma sent it crashing to the ground.

She saw Spider-man with another man in a black pick-up truck, she said, but didn't know who the mask-clad helper was.

"(and) no, it's not my husband," she wrote.

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