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Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018
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SunPass charges will soon be showing up again on customer accounts — without late fees

It has been more than two weeks since SunPass customers have been able to access their accounts after the Florida toll service took down its website for system maintenance.

While SunPass continues to accumulate toll charges since the maintenance period began June 1, they soon will be showing up on customers’ accounts. Late fees, however, will not.

"Today, we are announcing that we will not be imposing late fees or penalties on SunPass accounts until the system is providing the benefits and ease of access that our customers deserve and expect," Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Mike Dew said Thursday in a press release.

SunPass has been waiting until the website and call centers were operating more efficiently to reopen, said Kim Poulton, spokeswoman for Florida Turnpike Enterprise, the organization that runs the toll service.

"SunPass will soon begin posting toll transactions," Poulton said. "In order to better serve the customer and avoid unintended consequences, individual account charges will be posted gradually over a number of weeks."

Since June 5, SunPass customers have not been able to activate their new transponders or reload existing accounts through the website, hotlines or using the mobile app. The website came back online on June 11, but many customers said they could not log into the new system.

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Officials issued an apology to SunPass customers earlier this week.

"We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers during the SunPass system maintenance period and appreciate their patience while we work to resolve these issues," the statement read.

SunPass has continued to track each transaction customers incurred since June 1, and those charges may begin to be processed by the end of the week, according to the statement. SunPass said it would stagger the charges posted to accounts to avoid payment cards being charged at once.

"The posting process may take a number of weeks," the statement read. "This is being done to avoid customer payment cards being charged all at once. Some customers may see multiple replenishments in one day if they had a high toll usage in a short period of time."

The toll system told customers last week it did not anticipate how many customers would attempt to access their accounts as the newer system came online. This, in part, is why it has been experiencing so many issues with the redesigned website and mobile app.

"We anticipated a high volume of customers trying to access the system once it came back online; and although the increased demand was anticipated, it was higher than expected," SunPass said in an email sent last week.

But customers have continued to express their ire online.

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