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Monday, Oct 15, 2018
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Sister warned latest shooting victim to be careful traveling Seminole Heights

TAMPA — The last time Tina Felton saw her brother Ronnie was Wednesday.

He was on his bicycle, as usual — relying, as did the other three victims in the Seminole Heights shootings, on ways other than driving to get around.

"I was driving and pulled over," said Tina Felton, 65. "I told him, 'You know all the mess going on in these areas. I want you to be careful.'"

Once again, she gave her brother her phone number, because he kept losing his mobile phone.

"I said, 'You be careful to keep an eye out for what is going around,'" she said, "'We don't want to have a funeral like these other families.' He said, 'Ain't gonna be me. If anything happens to me, I love ya.'"

Ronald Felton, 60, was shot dead Tuesday morning near Nebraska Avenue and Caracas Street in Seminole Heights, near the scenes of three shooting deaths during October that Tampa police say were related. Police said Wednesday it appears Felton's killing is related, too.

Tina Felton said her brother was one of about 21 or 22 children of James Felton.

"My daddy was one of them rolling stones," she said. "I am the oldest and took care of the whole clan."

Tina Felton said she did not meet her brothers Ronald and Reggie Felton, twins, until she was about 15.

The twins, she said, were inseparable and used their similarities to play tricks on teachers and girlfriends alike.

"If Reggie didn't like his teacher, he'd switch with Ronnie," Tina Felton said. "They'd use each other's names. They'd do the same thing with their girlfriends. If Ronnie didn't like his girlfriend,, he's switch with Reggie."

The two were together all the time until recently, Tina Felton said. Then Reggie got married.

They both went to Carver Elementary School, now Carver Exceptional Center at 2934 E Hillsborough Ave. They stayed together in high school until dropping out.

Then they went to work for the same employer.

Eventually, the twins got in trouble with the law, Tina Felton said.

"When Ronnie got in trouble it was not even a week before Reggie got in trouble," she said. "When Reggie got into trouble, it was not long until Ronnie got into trouble."

But the trouble stopped around 2007, she said.

That's when both twins found religion.

"They used to go to church and they started handing out food," she said, somewhere in the Seminole Heights area off Columbus Drive and Osborne.

Ronnie Felton "was a quiet, peaceful person who would not bother anyone," Tina Felton said. "He was the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back."

"He hadn't seen his brother much lately -— his twin," she said. "He was so excited to spend time with his brother today."

Murray said she believes Felton may have known the killer because witnesses reported he crossed the street to speak with him. She said police told her Felton was on his mobile phone with his brother Reggie at the time of the shooting so she hopes he said a name before he died.

Cassandra Davis, 29, said the Felton twins are as well known in West Tampa as they are in the Seminole Hights area.

"The neighborhoods are one big family," Davis said. "They all know the twins. They're good people"

Linda Daniels, who said she is a cousin of Felton's, said, "He was the sweetest person, never any problems."

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