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Friday, Sep 21, 2018
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Man said ‘o’ from Hooters sign fell on his foot. Then they played the video.


Video shows Ďoí on hooters sign didnít hit man

It doesnít pay to lie, a St. Petersburg man found out after claiming an "o" from a Hooters sign on Johnís Pass fell on his foot when Hurricane Irma struck in September.

John Bradley Kane, 54, was arrested Friday on a charge of insurance fraud after authorities said the manager provided video evidence that showed the letter fell but struck no one.

Kane was freed Friday after posting $5,000 bail.

The video showed someone picking up the "o" three hours later and placing it near the door, then returning about 15 minutes later and walking away with it.

The manager told authorities he remembered a man whom he identified as Kane demanding free food and drinks in return for the "o" in September. When the manager refused, the man and his friends left with the "o" in tow.

In November, the manager received a notice of an insurance claim against the Hooters. Kane and attorney Joseph C. Whitlock filed a lawsuit claiming the "o" caused $50,000 worth of injury, authorities said. They demanded $175,000 to settle the claim.

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