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Thursday, Oct 18, 2018
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Failing to respect the president

Regarding "Pasco parent upset about daughter writing Obama at school" (Oct. 12) and "Letter to president sparks a complaint" (Oct. 14), both by Ronnie Blair: This country is crumbling in its ways of teaching our children. There are more and more parents complaining about what our children are being taught. They don't approve of books, beliefs and the ways to teach children to be good and respectful so they will turn into good, respectful adults. These parents should be ashamed of themselves. They are teaching their child to disrespect the president of the United States. Whether they are Republican or Democrat, they, as Americans, should teach their children respect for the president and to support him as the leader of our country. Not everyone will agree with the president, as I know I didn't with the most recent President Bush, but they should stand behind their president and their country. That is what makes this a great country. We have freedom of speech and can form and voice our own opinions.
These parents should be telling their children that although they don't agree with everything President Obama has done, they stand behind him as the leader of their country. They should then explain that when it is time for the presidential election, that is when they can make their opinions and choices known. That is the appropriate forum to voice their opinion. We have had some good presidents, some great presidents and some who have done a less than stellar job, but we should support whoever is in that office as the leader and defender of our rights to live free in this country. More and more children are going down the wrong path because their parents are not teaching them to be good, respectful people. I feel for every teacher who deals with these disrespectful children on a daily basis and know they are greatly underpaid for the abuse they take. If I disrespected my teachers when I was in school, I would have been punished at home. Parents are not teaching their children these ways anymore. I believe if parents were held accountable for what their children did until they were 18, they would be teaching them better ways. Valerie Alderman Zephyrhills
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