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Saturday, Nov 17, 2018
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This week in deals: Pub subs on sale, and the best savings at Publix, Winn-Dixie for Aug. 16-23

I’m going start with it: Chicken tender Pub subs are on sale this week.

It’s like a Florida holiday when Publix chicken tender subs are $6.99. Suddenly, offices across the Sunshine State are filled with the aroma of Buffalo sauce as everyone brings back the beloved sandwich for lunch.

But there’s more: Until Aug. 17, there’s a Publix green flier coupon for another $1 off if you make your whole sub a combo. (The green flier comes inside your Sunday paper.)

Ah, you knew I’d have a coupon match for y’all, didn’t you?

Let’s get started on the rest of this week in savings, starting today.


If your kids are obsessed with Tyson chicken strips: they’re BOGO (buy one, get one), which is a snag. Those suckers are more than $9 a pop. There’s also a coupon on the front page of last week’s RetailMeNot for $2.50 off two bags of Tyson strips.

So some quick math: You’re basically getting each bag for $3.50.

There’s been some solid cereal deals the last few weeks. This week, some Kellogg’s cereals are on BOGO. That incudes Fruit Loops, which has its own 50 cents off one box on coupons.com. There’s also still a manufacturer coupon of $2 off four Kellogg’s brand cereals floating around, if you haven’t used that already.

If you like your O-shape cereal sans sugar coating, Cheerios are on BOGO, too. There’s 50 cents off one box of Cheerios on coupons.com, but also a $1 off two General Mills cereals. (These were also in recent SmartSources, if you held on to your fliers.)

A steal on a guilty pleasure: Oreos are BOGO at $2.99 a package. Your most recent SmartSource that came with your Sunday Tampa Bay Times has a save 75 cents on two packs. That means you’re getting each package for less than a buck.

Sargento cheese has these new "balanced break snacks." They’re on special at two for $6, and there’s 75 cents off one coupon in the last SmartSource, too.

If you didn’t know, Publix’s app also pulls digital coupons from manufacturers. Sometimes they’re repeats that are in your inserts, sometimes they’re not. Right now, there’s a BOGO on Enlightened Ice Cream (one of those low-calorie options). If you grab four, you can use a digital coupon for gets you four for $4. Then you log on to Ibotta and get a rebate for the tubs or bars. In the end, you’ll basically get each for 50 cents.

There are a few items I’ve mentioned I never pay full price for and deodorant is one of them. If you’re a Mitchum user, Publix has a promotion until Aug. 24 where you can snag two for $6. That means you should be able to get one for $3 and add on a $1 off coupon from the SmartSource that was in your most recent Sunday paper.

Finish dishwasher detergent is on BOGO, meaning savings up to $7.29. If you held onto your SmartSource from a few weeks ago, there’s a save $3 off one Finish Quantum pack that doesn’t expire until the end of the month. You can also use up to two of these coupons in one transaction, which would mean 60-cent detergent.


(Note: All sale prices at W-D require you have a Southeastern Grocers (SEG) Reward card to redeem the deals and earn points.)

Remember last week’s really good Halo Top deal at Publix? If you missed out but still have the Halo Top $1.50 off coupon from the Sunday before last, you can get some low-cal ice cream at a steal.

Halo Top is BOGO at Winn-Dixie this week. So that’s $5.49 off right there. With your coupon, you’ll get each for $1.25.

There’s an Oreos deal at W-D, too. But it’s on family-size packs that are $5.29. The same coupon for 75 cents off two I mentioned above will work on this deal, too.

The cereal deals don’t stop, either: There’s a special on three General Mills cereals for $10. That matches up with the save $1 on three boxes that came in your most recent SmartSource flier.

If you’re into Cap’n Crunch, it’s on BOGO this week. There’s also $1 off two in last week’s RetailMeNot flier. That means each box will be about $1.60.

And what better way to accompany a sugary cereal than a sugary breakfast drink? SunnyD is on BOGO, which means $1.99 in savings. Add the 50 cents off two coupon in the most recent SmartSource and you’re getting each for about 75 cents.

Tide Simply liquid detergent (it’s the one in the pale yellow bottle) is on BOGO. If you grab the bottle that’s $4.99 and match it with the $1 off two Tide Simply products from last week’s RetailMeNot, each would come out to about $2 each.

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