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Monday, Sep 24, 2018
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Spectrum’s new service will eventually increase the cost for TV

Spectrumís new all-digital service is set to bring more high definition, faster internet speeds and expanded on-demand offerings ó but it also comes with higher costs for some of its TV customers in Tampa Bay.

Each TV that receives service from Spectrum will need whatís called a "digital receiver" going forward. The device will be free for a period ó but just how long depends on each customersí current account.

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"Our goal at Spectrum is to make this process easy for our customers," said Joe Durkin, spokesperson for Spectrumís parent company Charter Communications.

Each customerís pricing structure will determine how long their grace period is and how many receivers are covered under it.

Grace periods, Durkin said, will run as short as one year and as long as five. Some customers may be eligible for multiple devices covered by a grace period.

After that, each receiver will cost $6.99 per month. Customers who already have digital receivers, Durkin said, already pay $6.99 per month, and will not have an additional charge for any of the receivers they already have.

There is no installation cost for the devices.

The price is frustrating to some consumers.

"I just remember going ĎOh gosh, thatís a lot per TV,í" Tampa Palms resident Leslie Morris said.

Morris will have to outfit all three of her TVs with the devices, which will make her monthly bill about $200 once the grace period for the receivers is over.

"It just keeps going up," she said.

For information on your eligibility for a grace period and how to receive a device, visit spectrum.com/DigitalNow or call 844-278-3408.

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