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Thursday, Oct 18, 2018
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News Roundup

White ex-cop sentenced for Scott slaying; Anchor responds to racist email; Gay man denied marriage license by Kim Davis campaigns for her job; more in U.S. news

South Carolina

White ex-cop gets 20 years
for slaying of Walter Scott

One by one, relatives of the late Walter Scott urged a judge to mete out a significant punishment for Michael Slager, the white former officer who fatally shot the unarmed black man in the back after a 2015 traffic stop. Through tears, Scottís family told Slager they felt sorrow for him and the loss his young children would feel in his absence. A judge sentenced Slager to 20 years in prison, giving the Scott family the justice they had sought since a stranger came to them with the shocking video of Scott being killed. "I forgive Michael Slager," Scottís mother, Judy, said. "I pray for you, that you would repent and let Jesus come in your life." Sitting nearby, Slager wiped tears from his eyes and mouthed: "Iím sorry." The punishment wrapped up a case that became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement. Slager, 36, is one of only a few police officers to go to prison for a fatal shooting, and his sentence is by far the stiffest since the shootings came under extra scrutiny in recent years.

Washington, D.C.

Congress averts shutdown, sends Trump stopgap bill

Congress on Thursday passed a stopgap spending bill to prevent a government shutdown this weekend and buy time for challenging talks on a wide range of unfinished business on Capitol Hill. The shutdown reprieve came as all sides issued optimistic takes on an afternoon White House meeting between top congressional leaders and President Donald Trump. The measure passed by Congress would keep the government running through Dec. 22, when another shutdown problem awaits. Late Thursday, the bill headed to Trump for his signature after tbt*ís deadline. Topics at the White House session included relief from a budget freeze on the Pentagon and domestic agencies, extending key childrenís health program known as CHIP and aid to hurricane-slammed Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida. The trickiest topic involves protections for immigrants brought to the country illegally as children ó top Democrat Nancy Pelosi said "we will not leave here" without helping the "Dreamers."


Anchor responds to viewer email calling her Ďracistí and the n-word

An Atlanta news anchor decided, on air, to have the last word after a viewer called her a racial slur. An unsigned email from the handle "kathyrae1962" says CBS46 anchor Sharon Reed should be fired for a "race baiting comment" she made during a newscast Tuesday. "itís o.k. for blacks to discuss certain subjects but not whites, really???" the email says before calling Reed a racist and then the n-word twice, but misspelled as "Niger." After reading the email on air, Reed said the viewer mischaracterized her comments. Itís important to talk about race, she said, adding she and her colleagues of all color on Tuesday discussed how race was an issue in the mayoral campaign. Reed said she wouldnít make the viewerís mistake and mischaracterize the email: "I get it. On Dec. 5, 2017, you think itís okay to call this journalist a n----r. I donít. But I could clap back and say a few things to you," Reed said. "But instead Iíll let your words, Kathy Rae, speak for themselves."


Gay man denied marriage license by Davis campaigns for her seat

David Ermold returned to the Rowan County courthouse Wednesday, nearly two years after Clerk Kim Davis refused to give him a marriage license because he was gay. Only this time, he did not want a license. He wants Davisí job. Ermold filed to run for county clerk, hoping to challenge the woman who told him "Godís authority" prohibited her from complying with a U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage. Ermold and others sued her, and Davis spent five days in jail. Last month, Davis said she would run for re-election for the first time since. Unlike three other challengers and many people in Morehead, Ermold, who teaches at the University of Pikeville, wants to talk about Davis and gay marriage: "I think we need to deal with the circumstances and the consequences." He added his campaign wonít focus solely on LGBTQ rights.


Man wins city council race ...
by not even running

A Laurel man has become a City Council member without running for office. Richard Klose said he got a phone call after the Nov. 4 election telling him he was the winner of the Ward 4 race, which he didnít know he was in. Klose secured the open seat as a write-in candidate with just three votes. Fifty-two votes were cast, and no one received more than Klose. He accepted the position and will be sworn in Jan. 2. ó tbt* wires

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