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Saturday, Sep 22, 2018
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He told his friends his vest was stab-proof and offered to demonstrate. It wasn’t.

Five days after his 22nd birthday, Jordan Easton was celebrating with friends at a house in northeast England when he began talking about the vest he was wearing. It was stab-proof, Easton allegedly announced. He offered a demonstration.

But the vest was not stab-proof.

"While in the kitchen, he took hold of a knife to demonstrate it was stab-proof and sadly realised it wasnít the case," Teesside assistant coroner Karin Welsh said at a recent inquest into the Aug. 23, 2017 incident, the Teesside Gazette reported Saturday.

Easton died from the self-inflicted knife wound. Although his death was originally reported in the local media, the details of how the young man met his end only were revealed at the inquest held at the Teesside Coronersí Court. "Despite the best efforts of the medical professionals, they were unable to save him," Welsh told the court.

Police and coroner officials told the court Eastonís sad death was the result of "the foolishness of youth," according to the Independent. The coroner called it the result of "misadventure," or death by unintended consequences. "It seems clear thatís the situation with Jordan," Welsh said.

The Teesside Coronerís office did not respond to a request for further comment.

Eastonís death hit his hometown of Thornaby hard. Following the accident last August, numerous friends offered memories to local media of a well-liked practical joker who could often be found kicking a soccer ball around the local streets in the summer months.

"He was always having a laugh - you couldnít have a conversation with him without laughing," a friend told the Gazette. "When I heard the news I was just thinking this was just him having a laugh with me, that he was trying to wind me up as that was him - but it wasnít and I donít think his loss will ever truly sink in."

"RIP to one of the craziest lads Iíve met," another friend posted on Facebook. "[Y]ou were one of a kind kid."

The Sun reported a police investigation launched after the stabbing. Witness statements and post-mortem exams backed up that Easton had accidentally stabbed himself thinking his vest could withstand the thrust.

Detective Superintendent Ted Butcher told the court at the inquest the investigation revealed Eastonís death was the result of "a boisterous act."

But Eastonís mother, Alison Price, testified at the inquest that it was "hard to believe the concept that Jordan would consciously do that," the Gazette reported.

"Itís out of character for him," Price told the court. "I canít absorb it."

The coroner stood by the ruling. "I canít begin to imagine what you are going through," Welsh told the family.

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