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Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Candidate rebuttal

Candidate rebuttal

Your paper just did a story on a refurbishment proposal for The Pier for $24 million (“St. Pete firm says inverted pyramid could be renovated for less,” Oct. 11). You can be sure there is a possibility for that option, although the people will speak to the direction that we ultimately take. I will listen to what the people have to say — that is the duty of a council member.

It seems reasonable to follow the suggestions of the 828 Alliance document that has been delivered to the mayor. It lays out a pathway for 30 requests for proposal submissions for both a new or refurbished pier design, with that process folded into the waterfront master plan visioning process. In this manner we can redevelop our waterfront in a fiscally sound manner with a fair and diverse opportunity for public scrutiny of the final product that will address our glorious waterfront from Coffee Pot to Lassing Park.

I do not support the red-light camera contract with out-of-state control from Arizona for several reasons. The contract should be canceled. Our city gets only 19 percent of the total revenues. The cameras have been placed at intersections that include none of the intersections that have produced fatalities from red-light running. And the state mandate that sets up hearing officers to hear the appeals process tacks on an additional $250 if you lose. Finally, we had eight cameras malfunctioning for eight to nine months on the yellow timing in St. Pete. That netted 1,600 infractions our city would not refund despite the technological failure. That is not fair.

Lorraine Margeson

St. Petersburg

The writer is a candidate for St. Petersburg City Council, District 2.

Stooping low

It’s the 40th anniversary of our Vietnam POWs coming home, and we have to learn that “Hanoi” Jane Fonda is to receive a Life Achievement Award.

I was on active duty during the whole Vietnam era, and I watched on TV those heroes coming home and how they (each POW and family members) were honored by President Nixon with the largest White House dinner ever held.

I am still disgusted to this date and will never forgive her (Hanoi Jane) for her actions. How disgraceful that she is to receive this award from the American Film Institute. She lives in a free land because of our servicemen and women! How sad, so very sad, that certain parts of our society are stooping so low.

Ed R. White

New Port Richey

Expensive pork

If President Obama wants to get a positive response from Congress, he should start targeting their pork-barrel projects for shutdown. Watch how fast they fall in line.

Example: Instead of cutting off school children’s meals, how about cutting off Congress’ free meals, along with their thousands of aides?

The cost of feeding one congressman would easily feed 25 to 50 children.

Les Milewski


Identity theft concerns

I attempted to get health care through the health care exchange. I voted for President Obama due to the health care issue, and I am a supporter. This is what happened to me when I tried to enroll:

I filled out the form and was successful. They told me to call a number to get confirmation of my identity. The people on the other line were Experian credit score people. They refused to authenticate me because my credit was locked. I asked what that had to do with authenticating my identify. They said it was a criteria, and I would not be authenticated unless I allowed them access to my locked account.

Experian has a vested interest into assessing people’s locked accounts to increase their database for people who pay them for that information.

It is wrong to reveal my data in my sealed accounts for their own purposes and not for authentication. This appears to be a clear conflict of interest for a government contractor given an authentication contract. I would like this information to be written about to notify people of this.

I believe the government should place tight restrictions on allowing government contractors to utilize data forced from citizens that could harm them and leave them open for identity theft.

Lawrence Shuniak Webster

Time for a divorce

I’d like to thank the tea party and its leader, “It’s all about me,” Ted Cruz, for costing the taxpayers $24 billion for their temper tantrum over the Affordable Care Act, which had already become law and was upheld by a very conservative Supreme Court. I think it’s time the Republican Party (the real one) divorces itself completely from the tea party and not give it the banner “Republican Party” to hide behind. Americans have said it’s time for a third party.

Voila! You already have a name. Stand up on your own two feet and quit besmirching the Republican name. The teas already have their own agenda and slur tanks to run their ads.

Quit yapping the “will of the people.” You don’t speak for all Americans. The last poll showed 10 million tea partiers in a country of 300 million. That’s pretty fuzzy math any way you cut it. And thanks for the extra $ 24 billion debt, from the people who hate debt. And now you steal my taxes to pay for your hypocrisy.

Tom Settle

Apollo Beach

Remember these votes

We at last had cool heads prevail, and the borrowing authority for the federal government continues in order to avoid a default.

I was totally shocked to see that Sen. Marco Rubio and Congressman Dennis Ross both voted against this bill. I was especially taken by Ross, who just in the past week or so sent out a mailer touting how he supports opening the government and ending the shutdown.

I hope folks remember this when it comes time for re-election.

Frank Popeleski


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