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Saturday, Nov 17, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: A ‘sad’ group

A ‘sad’ group

It would be refreshing if the GOP candidates would finally realize they are not running against President Obama in 2016. Then, rather than criticizing everything the president tried to do, they would offer a solution instead of just whining and finding fault. Perhaps that is too much to ask from this group. How very sad.

Ross Alander


Defund organization

Videos of Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling body parts of aborted babies are disturbing. These videos came from a three-year undercover investigation by The Center for Medical Progress.

Planned Parenthood executives and employees discuss the harvesting and pricing of aborted baby parts, such as hearts, livers, brains, kidneys and eyes with “undercover” potential buyers. Videos also show employees picking through body parts, revealing a tiny leg, arm and organs. A senior director admitted using partial-birth abortions to supply “intact” bodies.

With these revelations, it’s shocking that 46 U.S. senators voted against defunding Planned Parenthood. The bill simply redirected $528 million tax dollars from PP to some of the thousands of other federal health centers with the same services, minus abortions.

Why do Democrats fight to give our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood? The answer may be that in 2014, Planned Parenthood gave over $675,000 in campaign contributions, the vast majority to Democrats. Our tax dollars shouldn’t go to any organization that gives money to politicians.

It’s time for bipartisan support in protecting the integrity of human beings and our tax dollars. Call your representatives. Ask them to defund Planned Parenthood.

D. Gilbert


Too much coverage

Robert Sterling of St. Petersburg wants to know why Bernie Sanders doesn’t get more coverage in the media (“Give him some ink,” Your Views, Aug. 15). The answer is simple: Hillary Clinton was the media’s darling before Barack Obama came on the scene, and now that Obama is on his way out, Hillary has regained her royal position with the mainstream media.

Hardly anything appears in any newspaper unless it first appears in The New York Times, The Washington Post, or is released by the Associated Press. All of those sources are firmly in Clinton’s corner. Therefore, during this election cycle, she’s the only Democrat who will get any ink.

Until the primaries are over, don’t expect very much ink or words from the media about anyone but Clinton.

Lester E. Scates

Plant City

So much for sanctity

When USF Professor Erin Kimmerle and Dr. Christian Wells asked the state of Florida to exhume the graves to find out what happened at the Dozier school, they were met with furious opposition from the citizens and politicians of Jackson County. They cried out over the desecration that would take place, the rest and repose of the dead and the sanctity of the grave.

I have a problem with this outpouring of piety. These bodies were “unmarked human remains,” not the “Christian buried bodies” as quoted by so many Marianna residents.

Many years previous (1980-1990), Prison Rehabilitative Industries destroyed part of the cemetery during the course of clearing land. A cemetery on a boys school should have been considered sacred ground. Instead, the cement crosses were pulled up, thrown and broken and crops were planted. This 38-foot-by-51-foot plot of land could not have yielded enough of a crop to justify destroying the cemetery.

So much for sanctity.

Let us create a memorial with the names of all the dead who were found, and perhaps a statue that will represent all of those who will never be found or named. Let us leave a physical symbol that may be touched as a place of remembrance. May this place be in a park or in a city where this piece of ground will be maintained by the state in perpetuity.

This occurrence, one of Florida’s darkest misdeeds, created by the few yet suffered by many, should never be forgotten. We should not allow these unfortunate, wayward sons of Florida to once again be returned to that disgraceful soil.

I remember watching a news video in which Professor Kimmerle looked sadly over the graves and said: “They were such little fellas.”

The city of Marianna surrounded the boys school in a ring of silence for years. Yet the silent voices of the children have broken through that barrier, and some have gone home at last. Let us not waver until all are at rest in a place of dignity and peace.

Robert Straley


Tampa’s treasure

Steve Otto, to me, and I am sure to many, is as much a treasure to Tampa as Ybor City and The Columbia restaurant. His now-too-infrequent columns remind all of us of times present and past. In the Aug. 15 paper, he reminded those of us who rode the great trains of old of the sights, the sounds and the smells of train travel from a bygone era. My favorite was Southern’s “The Peach Queen.”

If Amtrak does resume service with new routes and designates a train from or to Tampa, it should be named in Steve’s honor to go along with his now-reduced work schedule. Amtrak should call it “The Otto Limited.”

Thanks, Steve, for keeping us grounded.

Keep riding the rails.

Basil Burwell

Plant City

Didn’t take care of business

Why should the federal government give the city of Tampa a penny when the problems were caused by the city ignoring the maintenance and improvement of stormwater infrastructure for decades?

I realize the rainfall was a 100-year record, but the damages would have been significantly lower if the city had been taking care of business over the years as it should have been.

Dave Auge


Weather Center