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Saturday, Sep 22, 2018
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Performers are right to cancel SeaWorld concerts

Bravo to the performers who have backed out of the concerts at SeaWorld. The movie “Blackfish” was an eye-opener to many people. I, for one, and my family will not support SeaWorld any longer. The shock of seeing these majestic mammals corralled and captured is totally beyond belief. The cries of the mothers as their babies are separated and taken from them are unforgettable and heartbreaking.

Once captured or bred in captivity, they are held in pens and deprived of food to make it easier for the trainers to handle them. No wonder Tillicum acted out; he was frustrated by his treatment, as are many other orcas and possibly other sea life performing for the delight of audiences. These animals deserve to be free to live as they were born to do.

Marilyn Reyer

Spring Hill

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