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Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018
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Fennelly: Bucs have no need for Tebow Time

TAMPA - If the Bucs brought him in as team chaplain, I'd cheer. If they hired him as a motivational speaker, or director of community outreach, or professional good example, I'd pick him up at the airport.
If they brought him in at tight end, I'd say he was too slow. If they wanted him at fullback, I'd find another fullback.
And absolutely the last thing they need is this quarterback controversy.
Tim Tebow was fired by the New York Jets on Monday, after just one season.
Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar, all for the Gators can stand up and holler all they want.
Just Say No.
The Bucs don't need this. They don't need the distraction or the ticket sales. OK, they need the ticket sales.
It's already going to be a circus here with Darrelle Revis at training camp. Do we really need two big tops?
More to the point, do the Bucs really need to add a guy who couldn't even unseat butt-fumbler Mark Sanchez?
They'd be crazy to even consider Tebow for quarterback. They won't.
None of this is Tim Tebow's fault. He doesn't set out to be a polarizing force. It just sort of happens.
I'd say he's one of the 10 greatest college football players in history. He also might very well be one of the 10 greatest people. You'd want him to babysit your kids or marry your daughter. And if the ability to do either of those things were in the job description for an NFL quarterback, he would be home free.
It just so happens that Tebow picked, as his dream, a job that requires good mechanics, a quick release and accuracy. He has none of those. He wants to be an NFL quarterback, but he isn't one, at least not that kind.
The NFL is simple like that. You complete passes or you do not complete passes. It's a thrower's league. Even the rules are built that way. Why do you think the Bucs need Darrelle Revis, anyway?
I'm not saying Josh Freeman doesn't need to be poked and prodded.
But Tebow isn't the one to do it. And if he came here, under any circumstances, it would fabricate a quarterback battle. Granted, the Jets botched the Tebow situation beyond belief, but how could the Bucs prevent it?
Tebow could take an oath on a stack of Florida football media guides that he'd play only tight end or fullback … and it wouldn't matter. If his mere presence made New York and New Jersey lose its collective mind, what do you think would occur with him back here in Florida, not far from The Swamp, where he made The Promise? It would be The Night of the Living Gator Goobers.
It might work somewhere else, a place like New England, where the head coach and the quarterback are set in stone, where they wouldn't mind the noise. Maybe Tebow could learn. But play every game? He should try Canada.
You know who could use Tebow? The Broncos — yes, the Broncos, Tebow's first NFL stop — could use a quarterback to lower his head on third or fourth and short so Peyton Manning doesn't have to test that neck.
Mike Glennon, picked by the Bucs in the draft, big guy, big arm, is more the prototype. I still wouldn't have taken Glennon in the third round. The Bucs are allegedly close and had more pressing needs, like more pass rushers.
Glennon isn't going to compete with Freeman next season. He'll be on a learning track. That couldn't happen with Tebow here. It wouldn't be Tebow's fault, but it would become exactly a circus if he was on this roster.
Tim Tebow is a remarkable man who will continue to do remarkable work all his life. It just won't be at NFL quarterback. But how would quarterback not come up with him back home in Florida?
Just Say No.
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