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Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018
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Condition Diminishes Chest's Value

I inherited a chest from my aunt who lived on the eastern shore of Virginia. It is dated either 1721 or 1791. It is in good condition. Can you tell me more about it, including its value? R.L. This pine blanket chest was made in the late 18th century. It probably did originate in Virginia. It has fine, dovetailed construction, and the tall, Chippendale-style bracket feet really add some pizazz.
Although I got a view of only one end of the chest, I did see repairs. The rear leg was replaced and the front one repaired. In addition, it has been heavily refinished. Many of these chests were originally painted. I suspect that there are other repairs. It would retail for $395. Similar chests that are very original often sell in the five-figure range. Blanket chests are common so collectors can well afford to be meticulous about condition. My mother gave me my Mickey Mouse watch about 50 years ago. It is marked on the back "US Time." The band is a bit worn, and the watch has a few scratches. What is it worth? R.B. Walt Disney began merchandising just after he invented the Mouse. Ingersoll was one of the early licensees and in 1933, it made the first Mickey Mouse watch. During the early 1960s, Ingersoll used the US Time logo, which later became Timex. This watch was made during the early '60s. At this point, there were many character watches on the market aimed at children other than ones copyrighted by Walt Disney Productions. Mickey watches have never been out of production. This vintage Mickey Mouse watch, not in the best of condition, would retail for about $20. In unused condition with the original box, it would sell for $100.

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