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Sunday, Aug 19, 2018
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A look at the baseball world’s reaction to Venters comeback with Rays

We tried to explain on Wednesday just how big a deal it was that the Rays were bringing LHP Jonny Venters back to the majors for the first time since his Braves days in 2012. And that it was not only a credit to how hard he worked and how long he persevered through repeated elbow injuries, but also of how great of a guy he is, how much positive impact he had on so many people around him, from Rays minor-leaguers he didn't do to senior staff. And the volume of reaction to his return from all around baseball provided pretty good evidence.

Here is a sampling of the reaction from current and former players:

From the media:

And from some of the Rays:

We will have more later on today on the reaction to Venters return to the majors and the Rays plans for him going forward.

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