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Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018
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Name game: What should this year’s UF-FSU rivalry game be called?

This hasn't exactly been a banner year for Florida and Florida State football. And bowl bids are no certainties for either program. So we could look at this year's rivalry as their de facto bowl game. The Times' college football staff takes a crack at what that bowl name should be. Now give us yours in the comments below.

Joey Knight, @TBTimes_Bulls

The Civil ConFLict

Because it's that irrelevant this year.

Matt Baker, @MBakerTBTimes


Because it's simply unthinkable that both programs are in this mess. I thought Florida State would compete for a national title — not have to reschedule Louisiana-Monroe to make it to a bowl game. I thought the Gators could take a step back, but not like this.

Tom Jones, @TomWJones

Nosedive on 75 Bowl

We'd say the loser leaves town, but leaving town would do their fanbases a favor. Normally, you would think this game being played in Gainesville would be good for Gators fans. But, actually, it's the Seminoles fans who are thankful they don't have to watch this in person.

Martin Fennelly, @mjfennelly

Belch Bowl

There are rivalry nicknames that come to mind:. Boredom. The Civil Waste. The Battle for the Little Brown Mess. Floyd of Rosedale has nothing on these little piggies in 2017. It has been 56 years since the Gators and Seminoles had losing records in the same season. Couldn't Bowden and Spurrier coach this one to make it interesting?

Traci Johnson, @TBHomeTeam

Help Wanted Bowl

Two "gently" used programs, full of "character" and in need of a little TLC (Thick-skinned Long-lasting Coaches). Asking price: A couple million or more … whatever the going rate for coaching buyouts is these days.

Mike Sherman, @mikesherman

Maybe-This-Should-Have-Been-Our-Opener Bowl

At least one of these fan bases would have been happy for one week this season.

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