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Sunday, Sep 23, 2018
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For FSU fans: A beginner’s guide to Taggart-speak

Like many of his peers, new FSU coach Willie Taggart comes equipped with his own personal lingo. So as a public service, we're offering this primer on Taggart-speak. Be ready to hear and/or read these next few phrases ad nauseum.

1. "Have a great day if you want to." — the sentence Taggart will use to end darn near every interview

2. "Attack the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind." — gleaned from Jack Harbaugh, Taggart's coach at Western Kentucky and still one of the greatest influences of his life

3. "We heal differently around here." — Taggart's trademark response to any question about player injuries

4. "The spotlight does strange things to people." — referring to players who practice well but don't show up in games, and vice versa

5. "Do something." — the quintessential Taggart mantra (he even had it painted on the bumper of his personal parking space at USF)

6. "Who has it better than us? Nobody." — a frequent Taggart saying when he was at USF (and probably Oregon and Western Kentucky)

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