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Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018
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Derrick Brooks among Hall of Famers backing away from letter demanding benefits

Add Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks to the list of players who have publicly disavowed specific demands and threats in a letter published Tuesday listing 21 NFL greats demanding health insurance and pension for all members.

The letter threatens a boycott of the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony until the league meets certain demands which include an annual salary and health insurance and revenue sharing for all Hall of Fame players.

The demands drew criticism from many former non-Hall of Fame NFL players because it seemed exclusionary.

On his Facebook page, Brooks said he had not seen the contents of the letter before it was published.

"I was shown a letter today that was sent out referring to HOFers benefits and profit sharing,'' Brooks wrote. "I understand, appreciate and support the efforts of my fellow Gold Jacket teammates who are leading this cause. Many HOFers have discussed these topics amongst ourselves beforehand. However, my name was on this letter today and I was not granted the opportunity to see this letter before the media received it.

"All of us players have given a great deal to our game in every area to advance it forward over these past 99 years. I know how impactful a better player benefits package would be for retired, current and future players. I hope we can achieve that through diplomatic, strategic and meaningful discussions with all stake holders without any protest that would harm the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We all want to build our game as the best game in the world.''

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