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Monday, Oct 22, 2018
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Is Jameis Winston jealous of Cam Newton? Or has he ‘lost his mind?’ Some NFL analysts think so

Is Jameis Winston jealous of Cam Newton?

That's opinion Jason Whitlock shared during Speak for Yourself on FS1. Whitlock is known for some pretty provocative takes, but later he amends it to "competitive envy.''

"I think Jameis Winston is jealous of Cam Newton,'' Whitlock said. "I think that game was absolutely personal to him. I think that…because of the racial politics around Russell Wilson, the battle for whoever the 'black' quarterback is, is between Jameis Winston and Cam Newton and Jameis wants that throne. Jameis believes he's better than Cam Newton. He's jealous of Cam Newton. He and Dirk Koetter came up with a game plan that was brilliant and they executed to perfection. I watched every drop of this game. Jameis fumbled three times virtually for no reason and cost them the game. Everything else went just according to plan. Jameis was better than Cam Newton. The Bucs should've won that game. But I think his jealously of Cam Newton is driving him and I absolutely love him.''

Former Chiefs and Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez weighed in on Winston, saying he was big believer at the start of the season but that he's been disappointed in his inability to control his emotions.

"When I watched him in Hard Knocks this year, I was blown away,'' Gonzalez said. "And I've heard coaches and players that have been around him are like, 'This guy is the real deal. He's going to be the next elite quarterback.' Black quarterback, whatever it is. He's going to be considered at the top. And I've watched this season unfold. From an emotional, intelligent level this year, I have been absolutely disappointed in this guy. I expect far better out of your franchise quarterback. And to do what he did (Sunday), and to do what he did with the W and the victories and the stuff that's gone on, I'm starting to get off that bandwagon with Jameis Winston. He's lost his mind. As my mama said, "Have you lost your mind?' when I did something crazy. What is wrong with this guy? He has got to be checked.''

Winston is coming off his best two games of the season in losses to the Falcons and Panthers.  He's completed more than 75 percent of his passes and finished with a passer rating of at least 130 in each of the last two games.

But turnovers and temperament still are a problem. He lost three fumbles against the Panthers and drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for his emotional reaction when the last fumble that was awarded to Julius Peppers.

"If you watched his post-game press conference, what I saw was this dude has a burning passion to be great and he doesn't know how to channel that emotion yet. He had the most frustrating…he's had a terrible season not going to the playoffs. But you know what? I'm going to take a piece out of Cam Newton here. And it was all laid out for him, if he could've just held onto the football. I love the passion…Jameis Winston wants to play from the pocket. He wants to be a great pocket quarterback. He's not trying to re-invent the quarterback position, he's trying to master it and I see the passion. The stock is low right now and I'm all in on Jameis Winston. I'm excited for him next year. I've watched him the last two weeks. The pieces are there for greatness. He's got to hang onto the football. He's got to channel his emotions. But to me, the pieces are there for greatness.''

Frankly, it's hard to believe Winston is jealous of Newton. He certainly would trade places with him. He probably is envious that Newton has won three division titles has appeared in a Super Bowl, been the MVP of the league and is returning to the playoffs this season.

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