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Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018
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The Hawaiian Pups enjoyed the dog days of the '80s

It was just over a year ago, when we had a lot of fun profiling a very little known band called the Hawaiian Pups with their cougar song Young Boys. While there is not a whole litter of Pups songs out there, the fun continues today with their equally loveable Baby Judy.

The New York-based Hawaiian Pups only had one EP to their credit called Split Second Precision in 1983. A video for the previously mentioned Young Boys (that the band hated, but I love) was produced for promotion, but many college radio stations gravitated to the song Baby Judy on the EP. This gave birth to compiling a video for Baby Judy out of outtakes from the domino-themed Young Boys shoot and additional stock cartoon and movie footage. The results are tremendous and could be the best three and a half minutes of your day.

The lyrics of Baby Judy are so silly as the modulated voice reads a mock Dick and Jane-type children's books with the focus on Spot the dog and a jumping baby named Judy. After a little toddler talk, the song vacillates back and forth between chants, and shout outs to dance parties and going-ons in the country of India - that while weird, all oddly works together.  

The male members of the Hawaiian Pups, John Klett and John Terelle, went on to solid careers in music and TV production.

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