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Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
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Crocodile Dundee sequel is a Super Bowl stunt

Have you seen the teasers for a new movie called Dundee? It's allegedly a sequel to the Crocodile Dundee flicks from the '80s, only with Danny McBride playing the loud-mouthed American son to Mick Dundee (originally portrayed by Paul Hogan). In a second spot, actor Chris Hemsworth appears as his possible sidekick.

Turns out it's all a Super Bowl stunt.

According to the Brisbane Times, the "trailers" are actually an advertising campaign for Tourism Australia, set to run during February's big game. (Hemsworth, the Times reminds us, is an "ambassador" for Tourism Australia.)

For its part, the tourism agency isn't responding to questions about the trailer/commercial – probably in hopes of letting the mystery linger for a few more weeks.

The original Crocodile Dundee movie was a surprise hit back in 1986. Starring Hogan as a bushman dropped into Manhattan, the movie became the second biggest box office hit of the year.

(Trying to think of the one movie that topped it? Yep, that'd be Top Gun.)

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