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Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
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Don’t blame the ’80s for this latest fashion trend

Okay, I'll own up to parachute pants and Members' Only jackets in the '80s. And just admit it: We all enjoyed the designer jeans trend. But this latest fashion discovery is more horrifying than all those combined: A clothing company named JCRT has unveiled a new line called "Movies" that are essentially plaid shirts color-matched to our favorite horror and sci-fi theatrical posters.

Really? Like The Lost Boys really has a patent on the use of red and black stripes?

The news comes from the appropriately named website bloody-disgusting.com. Other '80s movies with matching shirts are A Nightmare on Elm Street, Blade Runner, Full Metal Jacket, The Thing and Time Bandits.

Ready for the real horror? They're priced at $75 each (temporarily discounted from $125).

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