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Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
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Lou Gramm, Mick Jones join Billy Joel on stage for Foreigner tunes

Billy Joel's been knockin' 'em dead at his regular Madison Square Garden shows these days. And staying home in NYC also gives the Piano Man a chance to dazzle his audience with surprise guests. For the Jan. 11 show, it was Lou Gramm and Mick Jones of Foreigner.

Gramm and Jones came on stage and performed Urgent and Cold as Ice with Joel, and if the renditions don't sound as strong as they did in the early '80s, just remember it's been almost 40 years and cameos like this always fall victim to the sound setup.

Gramm and Jones were a hit-making machine for Foreigner's early years before Gramm went his own way. The pair have reunited for shows here and there over the past year. Gramm meanwhile will be one of the featured performers on the 2018 voyage of The 80s Cruise.

Also, as fate would have it, both have been previous guests on our Stuck in the '80s podcast. Listen to Lou Gramm here and Mick Jones here.

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