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Monday, Oct 22, 2018
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Watch: New ‘Ready Player One’ trailer is instant classic

Have you seen the first full trailer for Ready Player One? Here it is. It debuted Sunday, and a million '80s nerds all cried out in joy. Like the book by Ernest Cline, it just dazzles. It looks like Steven Spielberg is back in top form again. (Sorry, Spielberg fans, but it's been a while.)

Unlike the teaser for the film, the new trailer finally gives us a better review of the story itself (instead of just some snappy special effects). But were still treated with some excellent song picks, in this case Depeche Mode's World in My Eyes and Van Halen's Jump. Chills, I tell ya!

We still have to watch for March 30 for the full movie. If you don't like spoilers, you might want to avoid the official Ready Player One Facebook group, where someone posted the full screenplay of the movie. Is it the final draft? Who knows…

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