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Tuesday, Sep 18, 2018
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‘80s Holiday Gift Guide: Here’s what to buy your friends this season

The holidays are almost here, and as a proud fan of the '80s, you no doubt want to represent the decade in your gift-giving again this year. But how many A Christmas Story leg lamp ornaments can you really give out? Here are some fresh ideas to send Santa back in time. And by the way, if you're going on The '80s Cruise in March 2018, this list also makes for a good trip packing list for the seven greatest days of your life! (Don't forget to use the promo code STUCK when booking!)

Pac Man Pool Float Set
Perfect for life support while day-drinking on The 80s Cruise, this officially licensed set includes both Pac-Man and – can you name him? – yeah, that's Blinky. They're three feet long, so there's room to invite a friend to share.
Cost: $49.99
Buy it here

Mattel Classic Football Handheld Game

Before there was John Madden Football, '80s fans liked to keep their video games basic. Very, very basic. If just seeing this game again doesn't make your hair automatically feather and your skin break out, you're not a true '80s fan.
Cost: $59.99
Buy it here

Flux Capacitor Replica

We're not sure who broke into Doc Brown's stash of floppy drives to retrieve the plans for the beloved "Back to the Future" Flux Capacitor, but here it is – complete with "authentic lighting effects." Plutonium sold separately. (If the full replica is too rich for your blood, try this keychain-sized model for just $32.)
Cost: $265.95
Buy it here 

"Late, Late at Night: A Memoir" by Rick Springfield
The host of the 2018 voyage of The 80s Cruise penned a very revealing autobiography back in 2010. Our prediction is that if you happen to whip out your copy while on the ship, Rick might sign it for you.
Cost: From $19.95
Buy it here

Vinyl Collection Puzzle

This one's super-clever. It's a 550-piece jigsaw puzzle that – when assembled – resembles a row of "lovingly worn" LP sleeves. Perfect for the vinyl snob you love most.
Cost: $24.00
Buy it here

Mix Tape 1GB USB Memory Stick

What would the '80s have been without mix tapes? How did any of successfully woo a boyfriend or girlfriend without the proper mix of ballads by the likes of Berlin, Loverboy or Billy Ocean? Alas, the technology has been replaced by a thumb drive, but with the clever packaging nobody will be the wiser.
Cost: $22.10
Buy it here

Green Swatch
The 2018 voyage of The 80s Cruise departs Fort Lauderdale on St. Patrick's Day, so of course the theme of Day 1 is all green. Impress your friends with this lime green Swatch – the official timepiece of all 80s Cruisers.
Cost: $50
Buy it here

Labyrinth Knocker Earrings
Alas, we lost David Bowie in 2016, but his film "Labyrinth" lives on. You won't get caught in the "Bog of Eternal Stench" during the costume contest on Pop-Icon Night if you're wearing these beauties.
Cost: $25
Buy it here

"World in My Eyes" by Richard Blade
The legendary KROQ deejay (today a host of Sirius XM's 1st Wave) was the flag-bearer of the British New Wave invasion of the '80s. His just-released memoir is a bestseller and is full of the juiciest stories of the decade. You have our permission to read his chapter on Berlin's Terri Nunn first. You'll be stunned.
Cost: From $17.96
Buy it here

Movie T-Shirts
Ever wonder where guests on The 80s Cruise get their amazing T-shirts? We're talking about the ones actually worn by characters in '80s movies such as "Real Genius," "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Spinal Tap." Chances are they snagged them at Founditemclothing.com. Threads from this website will put you one step closer to being voted "Best Dressed" on "Back to the '80s Night."
Cost: From $17
Buy them here

Nagel-Style Princess Leia Slave Girl Print
Keep a candle burning for the late Carrie Fisher with this '80s-style "Slave Leia" print in Patrick Nagel-style. Rumor has it one of the Big '80s Trivia hosts has this print hanging in his man cave.
Cost:  Varies by size
Buy it here

Classic Checkerboard Slip-on Vans
Aloha, Spicoli! No wardrobe for the cruise is complete without these standard-issue footwear made famous in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Just remember the dress code for the Celebrity Summit dining room: "No shirt, no shoes … No dice!"
Cost:  $50.00
Buy them here

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Skeletor Ornament
How do you defeat the bah-humbug spirit of Skeletor this season? Raise a glass of eggnog high and repeat: "By the power of Greyskull, I have the ornament!"
Cost:  $15.95
Buy it here

Square Pegs – The Complete Series DVD
The complete adventures of Patty, Lauren, Marshall and "Slash" at Weemawee High School await you. Granted the series lasted only one season, but those 20 episodes are each individual classics. (Especially Episode No. 9, which features a performance by Devo!)
Cost:  $9.98
Buy it here

Eddie Van Halen Board Shorts
Eddie's epic "Frankenstein" guitar design … now on swim trunks?!? Seems like the "best … of … both worlds." We can think of a couple die-hard VH fans who should be wearing these on the pool deck come March.
Cost:  $39.95
Buy it here

(Join Spearsy and his podcast c0-host B-Rad on The 80s Cruise in March 2018, featuring Rick Springfield, Loverboy, Billy Ocean, Lou Gramm, Berlin, Mike + The Mechanics, The Tubes, Katrina of Katrina and the Waves and Thomas Dolby. Also featuring MTV veejays Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Nina Blackwood. And special Big '80s Trivia sessions hosted by your Stuck in the '80s hosts. Use the special promo code STUCK when booking.)

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