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Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
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Tropical Storm Ernesto packs heavy rain, heads toward Jamaica
Tropical Storm Ernesto became less organized as it moved over open waters in the Caribbean late Saturday and wasn't expected to gain strength as it headed for a pass south of Jamaica on Sunday.
Published on 08/04/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Tropical Storm Ernesto forms, heads for Caribbean

Forecasters say Tropical Storm Ernesto has formed in the Atlantic and is speeding toward a chain of small, popular vacation islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Published on 08/02/12
Updated on 03/18/13
A calmer season? NOAA predicts 9 to 15 named storms this year

Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday predicted a slightly calmer season than normal but acknowledged much of the outlook depends on El Niño nuances they do not yet comple...

Published on 05/24/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Alberto weakens to a tropical depression over Atlantic
Alberto has weakened to a tropical depression as it spins off the coast of the Carolinas.
Published on 05/21/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Irene retired from tropical storm name list

Irene is being retired from the list of storm names because the 2011 hurricane killed 49 people and caused more than $15 billion in damage.

Published on 04/13/12
Updated on 03/19/13
Sean strengthens and could become hurricane

Tropical Storm Sean continues to strengthen as it moves to the northeast toward Bermuda.

Published on 11/10/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Sean could bring strong currents to southeastern U.S., Bermuda

Tropical Storm Sean has strengthened slightly and eventually could bring dangerous surf and rip currents to Bermuda and the U.S.

Published on 11/09/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Subtropical Storm Sean forms southwest of Bermuda

Subtropical Storm Sean has developed midway between Bermuda and the Bahamas, but it is not currently any threat to land.

Published on 11/08/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Rina weakens to tropical depression off Yucatan
The former Hurricane Rina has weakened to a tropical depression as it moves out to sea from Mexico's Yucatan coast.
Published on 10/28/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Philippe keeps its strength in far Atlantic
Forecasters say Tropical Storm Philippe is maintaining its strength in the far Atlantic and could become a hurricane, but it's not expected to threaten land.
Published on 10/05/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Ophelia expected to strengthen in the Atlantic
Tropical Storm Ophelia is expected to strengthen into a hurricane as it moves away from the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica.
Published on 09/29/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Ophelia becomes tropical storm in open Atlantic

Ophelia has grown into a tropical storm in the open Atlantic east of the Leeward Islands, too far from land to pose any immediate threat.

Published on 09/28/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Tropical Storm Philippe spins in Atlantic, far from land
Tropical Storm Philippe is heading northwest with little change in strength and the storm is still far from land.
Published on 09/27/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Tropical Storm Philippe no threat to land

Weather forecasters say Tropical Storm Philippe is posing no threat to land after forming over the far eastern Atlantic.

Published on 09/24/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Tropical Storm Ophelia weakens in Atlantic
Tropical Storm Ophelia has weakened in the Atlantic with winds near 45 mph.
Published on 09/23/11
Updated on 03/20/13