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Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018
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Three adults, two children hurt in Sarasota crash
Authorities in Sarasota County said they are investigating a crash caused by a driver who ran a red light, injuring three adults and two children.
Published on 05/11/13
Sarasota boy, 10, honored for saving drowning girl
Police in Sarasota are honoring a 10-year-old boy for saving a 3-year-old girl from drowning in an apartment complex swimming pool.
Published on 05/09/13
Sarasota passes new ban on panhandling
A new panhandling ordinance in the city will keep people asking for money off certain street corners.
Published on 04/24/13
Man accused in daughter’s death out of Sarasota jail
A man accused of child abuse in his daughter's death has posted bail and left the Sarasota County Jail.
Published on 04/15/13
Wallenda crosses tightrope 200 feet over Sarasota road

Famed tightrope walker Nik Wallenda crossed 200 feet over an oceanfront highway in Sarasota on a wire without a safety harness or net.

Published on 01/29/13
Updated on 03/13/13
Sarasota Ritz-Carlton targets local foodies

The Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota spends $3 million to change its Verona restaurant into a Jack Dusty's, with an eye to attract food-loving customers who want local ingredients and craft cocktails.

Published on 01/28/13
Updated on 03/13/13
Homeless are a challenge for Sarasota
On a recent sunny winter day on a downtown Sarasota street corner, a cluster of homeless men lounged on the back steps of a building, grimy backpacks and bags at their feet, while a few folks ambled to the nearby bus station.
Published on 01/18/13
Updated on 03/13/13
Nik Wallenda wants to wirewalk across U.S. 41 in Sarasota
Aerialist Nik Wallenda wants to wirewalk across one of Sarasota's busiest streets along the city's bayfront.
Published on 01/17/13
Updated on 03/13/13
Sarasota County can't ban smoking outdoors
Sarasota County commissioners don't have the authority to ban smoking at public beaches, outdoor sports facilities or parks.
Published on 01/09/13
Updated on 03/13/13
Red tide kills thousands of fish in Sarasota
Officials say red tide is responsible for thousands of dead fish that have washed up along the beaches in Sarasota and Charlotte counties.
Published on 12/28/12
Updated on 03/13/13
Video shows Sarasota officer slam homeless man into wall

Authorities say a Sarasota police officer has been suspended after a video surfaced that showed him slamming a homeless man into a wall during an arrest.

Published on 11/30/12
Updated on 03/14/13
ACLU: Sarasota police officers target homeless

The American Civil Liberties Union released transcripts of communication between Sarasota police officers Tuesday and claimed the messages are threatening and degrading to homeless people.

Published on 11/27/12
Updated on 03/14/13
Scientists try repopulating scallops in Sarasota Bay

Scientists are hoping to restore the decimated mollusk population by releasing millions of microscopic scallop larvae into Sarasota Bay.

Published on 11/12/12
Updated on 03/14/13
Homeless Sarasota man jailed after charging cell phone in park

A homeless man spent the night in a southwest Florida jail after a police officer accused him of stealing by charging his cell phone at a public park.

Published on 11/12/12
Updated on 03/14/13
Scott pushes for low college tuition
Florida Gov. Rick Scott is putting the state's universities on notice: He wants to keep tuition rates down and he plans to tie their money to how well they do on helping students get a job.
Published on 11/08/12
Updated on 03/14/13