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Monday, Aug 20, 2018
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Henderson: Barbara Selman sanded rough edges off first Bucs beat writer
After 63 years of marriage, the gentle rock Barbara Selman had a way of reining in her husband, Jim, the sports writer, by saying, “Now, Jimmy ….”
Published on 03/19/13
Henderson: It's not Bucs' cash; it's taxpayers'

Joe Henderson

Published on 08/23/12
Updated on 03/19/13
Henderson: Cutbacks? Not at the 'community stadium'

When the citizens of Hillsborough County voted in 1996 to build a football stadium for the Buccaneers, I figured that was the last word on the subject. The ability to forecast the future with such accuracy is the reason ...

Published on 05/10/12
Updated on 03/19/13
Henderson: Bucs' season has sunk to even lower depths

This game was supposed to be a lifeboat for the Buccaneers, a chance to get things right against a bad team. Perhaps they could set up a fast finish to salvage a dram of respectability from a season that has turned into ...

Published on 12/12/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Henderson: This Bucs loss the type that gets a coach fired

This is the type of game that gets a coach fired.

Published on 12/11/11
Updated on 03/21/13
With the Glazers, future always a mystery

Four games remain in the season for the Buccaneers, and that means the speculation about Raheem Morris' job security will likely drag on for at least another month. The Bucs qualify as one of this season's major disappoi...

Published on 12/10/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Faith, focus help Georgia's Richt persevere through adversity

The college football season was two games old, and already Mark Richt was out of a job. Facts only got in the way of the story.

Published on 12/08/11
Updated on 03/21/13
USF gets a great dance partner out of latest Big East shuffle

Under the circumstances, Joe Henderson writes, this was about as good a recovery as the conference could have made as it tries to remain worthy of BCS status.

Published on 12/06/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Henderson: This Bucs team isn't worth caring about

Losing seasons, even the kind the Buccaneers are enduring, don't always lead to a housecleaning of the coaching staff and front office. It's different, though, when the fans simply stop believing it will get better.

Published on 12/05/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Sounds of silence booming for swooning Bucs

The worst part isn't the losing streak, which has reached six games following Sunday's 38-19 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Nor is it the fact the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to use backup quarterback Josh Johnson after Jos...

Published on 12/04/11
Updated on 03/21/13
USF takes another spike to the heart

Turn the page on this frustrating USF football season, Joe Henderson writes. Better yet, rip it out of the record book and destroy all traces.

Published on 12/02/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Henderson: USF football didn't live up to hype

The Bulls close out another disappointing Big East schedule tonight. For columnist Joe Henderson, this season was an opportunity lost.

Published on 12/01/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Henderson: Football in Florida in very bad state

In college and the pros, Joe Henderson writes, the Sunshine State is mired in a period of its storied football history that's as sorry as it has ever been.

Published on 11/29/11
Updated on 03/21/13
Henderson: Buckeyes get Meyer, but for how long?

People will overlook a lot of things when you win two national championships. Against that backdrop, Urban Meyer was formally introduced Monday as the new head football coach at Ohio State.

Published on 11/28/11
Updated on 03/21/13
No question, FSU has passed Florida for bragging rights

The forecast in Gainesville is for a long winter and a longer spring before the Gators return next season, Joe Henderson writes. Things look a lot better in Tallahassee.

Published on 11/27/11
Updated on 03/21/13