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Tuesday, Aug 21, 2018
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Henderson: MLB 'intervention' is really Thumbscrew 101
To help the Tampa Bay Rays get a new stadium, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig says he might send someone to “intervene” (whatever that means) here in bickering bay.
Published on 08/16/13
Updated on 08/19/13
Henderson: 1,000-watt smile made Gerry special
ST. PETERSBURG There was this neat story a few years ago at Tropicana Field. One of the press box employees for the Rays, Bill Werts, was battling ...
Published on 05/16/13
Henderson: Free ride for NFL in Tallahassee is over
The demise of a state proposal to give tax revenues to support renovation of professional stadiums also sends a message to Rays owners.
Published on 05/07/13
Henderson: Stop prep recruiting? It's a little late for that
You wonder why high school athletes bend the rules to transfer? Columnist Joe Henderson wonders why more of them don't. He gets an intelligent perspective from Property Appraiser Bob Henriquez, a former coach and state legi...
Published on 04/11/13
Henderson: Attendance storyline won’t change for Rays
I will never forget the day it looked like Major League Baseball would be coming here. Once the news broke about a potential move of the San Franc...
Published on 03/30/13
Henderson: Barbara Selman sanded rough edges off first Bucs beat writer
After 63 years of marriage, the gentle rock Barbara Selman had a way of reining in her husband, Jim, the sports writer, by saying, “Now, Jimmy ….”
Published on 03/19/13
Smiles of victory everywhere on race weekend
Some of them arise at 4 o’clock in the morning, in the rain or cold, to get their miles in before the day begins. Some wait until they get home from work. Others sneak off at lunch for a quick dash before heading back to th...
Published on 02/24/13
Updated on 03/04/13
Joe Henderson: Rays should show St. Pete what victory looks like

I wouldn't get too worked up over the assertion by Rays owner Stu Sternberg to the Hillsborough County Commission that "Major League Baseball doesn't believe anymore in the Tampa Bay area."

Published on 01/26/13
Updated on 03/13/13
Henderson: Blackout is the Bucs' new normal

Joe Henderson column

Published on 09/08/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Henderson: It's not Bucs' cash; it's taxpayers'

Joe Henderson

Published on 08/23/12
Updated on 03/19/13
Could St. Pete be ready to talk about a Rays stadium in Tampa?

Trying to get St. Petersburg officials moving on a new baseball stadium has been a challenge. Just to knock on the door, you have to get past "No Trespassing" signs and ease past the chained-up and barking Dobermans.

Published on 08/18/12
Updated on 03/19/13
Baseball's Wade Boggs taking trip to Cuba

Some kids in Havana don't know it yet, but they are about to receive hitting and fielding tips from a member of the baseball Hall of Fame.

Published on 06/21/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Henderson: Cutbacks? Not at the 'community stadium'

When the citizens of Hillsborough County voted in 1996 to build a football stadium for the Buccaneers, I figured that was the last word on the subject. The ability to forecast the future with such accuracy is the reason ...

Published on 05/10/12
Updated on 03/19/13