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Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018
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Most beached dolphins have hearing loss, Mote study finds

Dolphins with impaired hearing find it almost impossible to find food, stay with other dolphins in their pod and keep their sense of direction.

Published on 01/01/11
Updated on 04/11/13
Sarasota police investigating Craigslist robberies

Men are posting ads to buy or sell iPhones, then robbing whoever shows up, police say.

Published on 12/31/10
Updated on 07/12/13
Man tried to abduct teen girls, Sarasota deputies say

Deputies are looking for a man who tried to abduct two teenage girls at about 3 p.m. today.

Published on 12/17/10
Updated on 07/12/13
Icy air thaws holiday sales

The Tampa Bay area's battle with cold air has prompted many people to grab their coats and head to the mall.

Published on 12/14/10
Updated on 07/12/13
Gov.-elect Scott's education plan raises questions

Six-year-old Yanni Emanuelli likes to spend time on his backyard swing set when he's not at his public school.

Published on 12/10/10
Updated on 07/12/13
Sarasota hotels hold out hope for a warm winter

For the second day in a row, beachgoers bundled up to face a blast cold air.

Published on 12/07/10
Updated on 07/12/13
Some older hotels resort to portable heaters to keep customers warm

A biting wind held beachgoers at bay on Lido Key today as people bundled up, bracing for another night of plummeting temperatures.

Published on 12/06/10
Updated on 07/12/13
'Shark Brothers' join Mote to test Gulf sharks for oil

Sean and Brooks Paxton, known to some as the "Shark Brothers," have dedicated themselves to marine and wildlife conservation.

Published on 11/30/10
Updated on 03/22/13
Public service announcement discusses dolphin dangers

Along a stretch of southern Sarasota Bay near Nokomis, a chance sighting causes boaters to idle and break the law.

Published on 11/26/10
Updated on 03/22/13
Grandma Yoder sparked pie tradition

Cream, butter and lots of sugar mixed, scooped and spread by family and friends has proved the perfect holiday recipe at Yoder's restaurant on Bahia Vista Street.

Published on 11/24/10
Updated on 03/22/13
Gang leader gets life in Marine reservist's murder

A 20-year-old gang leader will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of murder in the slaying of a Marine Corps reservist.

Published on 11/20/10
Updated on 03/22/13
'Bonnie & Clyde' musical opens at Sarasota's Asolo

The new musical "Bonnie & Clyde" opened Friday night at the Asolo Repertory Theatre with a lot of fanfare and aspirations of making it to Broadway.

Published on 11/20/10
Updated on 07/12/13
Sarasota gang leader on trial for 2008 slaying

As DeAndre Tunstall walked into a courtroom for the first day of testimony in his trial, the sheriff's office stepped up security at the courthouse. The accused gang leader is on trial in the 2008 slaying of Delvis Ferna...

Published on 11/16/10
Updated on 03/22/13
Sarasota affordable housing project creates jobs for locals

There was some controversy surrounding the first phase of the Janie Poe housing project when the builder hired out-of-towners.

Published on 11/15/10
Updated on 03/22/13
Sarasota film studio opens its doors

Sanborn Studios has spent the last few weeks producing a pilot for "Miami 24/7," a series about competitive news helicopter teams.

Published on 11/12/10
Updated on 03/22/13