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Sunday, Nov 18, 2018
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Start for Southshore Commons mall undetermined
Developers in South Shore are hustling to keep up with the area’s rapid growth.
Published on 04/08/13
Brandon Rental Centers set to thank customers
For 40 years, Brandon Rental Centers have provided tools for do-it-yourselfers, supplies for party givers and even earth-moving equipment for construction workers.
Published on 03/18/13
Riverview church offers financial advice course
RIVERVIEW If you'd like to learn how to get out debt forever and secure your financial future, Financial Peace University can show you how.
Published on 01/30/13
Updated on 03/13/13
Riverview compounding shop a mix of old-school science and music
The work going on inside The Compounding Shop of Riverview is a swirl of science.
Published on 01/29/13
Updated on 03/13/13
Feds: Stolen patient info used for tax fraud

Participants in a tax refund fraud scheme used stolen patient information from a Tampa hospital to file fake tax returns and get refund money from the government, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court....

Published on 11/29/12
Updated on 03/14/13
Riverview chamber names honorary mayor
Elijah Heath, representing the FishHawk-Riverview Rotary Foundation, will act as honorary Riverview Mayor for 2013.
Published on 10/31/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Site work begins on new South Shore hospital

Work has started on the 90-bed hospital and medical complex BayCare Health System is building at Big Bend and Simmons Loop roads.

Published on 08/29/12
Updated on 03/19/13
Homebuilder seeks truce in Riverview noise war

For a month, an air cannon has gone off every 59 seconds. From sunrise to sunset.

Published on 07/02/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Noise war between fish farm, builder may be headed toward truce
A neighborhood whose quiet has been shattered by an air cannon might be getting a little closer to peace and quiet.
Published on 06/29/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Travel, event business does all but the packing

A former chamber of commerce executive and a former airlines employee recently joined forces to start a new travel and event-planning business.

Published on 06/06/12
Updated on 03/18/13
Fish farmer, neighbor in dispute as ponds dry

John Buzbee has raised tropical fish on his family farm since the 1970s, producing thousands a month that end up in stores like Walmart and Petsmart.

Published on 05/26/12
Updated on 03/18/13
New store doubles as a training hub for business

When Clarissa Carruthers lost her job at Pepin Academy due to funding cuts last May, she saw an opportunity in the making.

Published on 04/25/12
Updated on 03/19/13
Riverview couple opts out of big drywall settlement

Trista and Patrick Sampson have been waiting for years for relief from the toxic drywall in their home.

Published on 07/18/11
Updated on 03/20/13
Canine Cabana sends supplies for troop dogs
Canine Cabana is partnering with Project: Troop Dogs to send care packages overseas for military service dogs and their handlers.
Published on 07/01/11
Updated on 03/20/13