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What to watch and listen to this week: Uncivil podcast explores overlooked stories of the Civil War

By Chelsea Tatham, Times Staff Writer
Published: October 30, 2017
The Uncivil podcast explores untold stories of the Civil War and aims to debunk common myths.

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Gimlet Media's new series Uncivil hasn't been out a month, but it's already considered urgent listening.

Uncivil explores stories from the Civil War that you probably weren't taught in school. Like the broken promise made to former enslaved black farmers that they would be given "40 acres and a mule" and the pervading myth that the Civil War was not about slavery.

A recent episode featured Nikole Hannah-Jones of New York Times Magazine, Al Letson of Reveal and Christy Coleman of the American Civil War Museum in a discussion on how they fight back against Civil War myths.

Journalists Jack Hitt and Chenjerai Kumanyika explore untold stories away from the official version of the Civil War. They take on tales of covert operations, corruption, resistance, antebellum drones and more and connect the players and politics to the struggles we still see today.

Uncivil isn't a podcast about the Battle of Gettysburg, the battle over states' rights or notable generals like Robert E. Lee or Ulysses S. Grant. The series explores parts of America's history that are unsavory, yet are just as important as proclamations and military events.

Racism and confederate monuments are dividing America, just as racism and slavery divided us more than 150 years ago. Many say this country is divided now more than ever, but Uncivil shows that may not be true. The series takes listeners back to the moment when division over slavery and racism turned into war.

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