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2017 Hurricane Season: Use social media to stay in touch with this storm season

By Chris Tisch, Times Staff Writer
Published: May 12, 2017

Social media and technology have dramatically changed the way we bring you information about hurricanes and other natural disasters. For one, the opportunity for and to share information with readers — and from readers — immediately helps make us all better equipped to react if a hurricane should strike Tampa Bay.

Where have mandatory evacuations been ordered? Where are power lines down? Where can you get sandbags?

All those questions and more can be answered more immediately today than ever before.

We encourage readers to connect with us for information and to share with us to help tell the story if a hurricane should come our way. Here's how:

Connect: at or

As part of your hurricane preparedness plan, register for and sign up for breaking news email and text alerts. The Times will use these methods to communicate useful information to your mobile devices.

Another way to get prepared is to download the Tampa Bay Times mobile app for your smartphone. The Times will also send out important push notifications to users of our app. You also can download the TBO Weather app, which has up-to-the-minute radar and forecasts.

If a hurricane threatens or hits Florida, visit or on your computer, tablet or phone for a live updated blog feed of critical information, searchable databases, interactive maps, relief resources, shelter and traffic information, photos, videos, stories and more.

The Times will also provide a communication board where members of the Tampa Bay community can share important information about what they are seeing in their local areas.

Use social media

Get immediate storm updates and talk to the Times on social media in the following ways:

Twitter: @TB_Times or @TBOcom


Instagram: @TampaBayTimes

Share with us

We want to know what you are hearing, seeing and experiencing. If a storm hits and you are able to safely get photos or videos, please share them with us. Do so in the following ways:

Twitter: Mention @TB_Times or @TBOcom

Twitter and Instagram: Use #TBTNewsAlert

Facebook: Use our Facebook "News Tips" form on our official page,

Email: [email protected]