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Letters to the editor: Bury the horse

Published: May 1, 2014

Bury the horse

Just about everything stated by Tom Peterson (“Still stuck with the bill,” Your Views, April 26) in his rebuttal to the Letter of the Day on April 23 (“A GOP mandate everyone should help pay for”) is inaccurate or downright wrong. He trotted out all the misinformation and falsities the right has been using for the past five years, and they all have been debunked.

All research shows that the Affordable Care Act will create jobs, cut costs for health care overall and provide care to those who either could never qualify, afford it or be accepted due to pre-existing conditions. Almost 9 million have signed up.

Oregon, for example, was attempting to use its own state exchange to provide health-care options for its citizens. That state spent over $200 million setting up its exchange and was never able to get even one private insurance company to sign up. It has now canceled its program and will begin using the federal exchange. Over 170,000 Oregonians signed up for health care under the Affordable Care Act, and 130,000 signed up for expanded Medicaid. Beginning in November they will be using the federal exchange for everyone.

The horse that conservatives have been riding against the Affordable Care Act has been ridden to death. Please climb off and bury the poor thing. Please get on a healthy horse and try working with liberals to make health care better for all Americans. No plan is perfect from day one.

Everett and Patricia Houghtalen

New Port Richey

Beware government

Regarding Mike Tedesco’s Letter of the Day April 27 (“Set us free from government fetters,” Other Views), I couldn’t agree more. Take a real look at what has stifled our economy and left so many without jobs or job prospects. Take a real look at what has driven jobs and capital offshore. I know a lot of people don’t want to admit it since they are beholden to the government in one way or another, but every problem this country has had, and is having, can be traced back to bad government policies. What the government gives, it can take away any time. The government is not a producer of anything — productive tax-paying citizens are. The government is only a non-producer and taker. Wise up, folks. Big Brother is out there, and it’s coming to a theater near you.

Samuel DuLaney

Tarpon Springs

Don’t be taken in

Regarding “Climate change expert finds ready audience at USF” (Metro, April 25): To those students and faculty who attended the lecture by Rajendra Pachauri and agreed with enthusiasm about how right he is, and to all the students, faculty, “green” groups and everyday environmentalists who agree with the limitation or the elimination of “greenhouse” gases, I offer this advice:

When and if the Rajendra Pachauris of the world get their way, they will not be affected or have to pay for the regulations, restrictions and rationing that will be imposed in the name of preventing “rising sea levels, melting polar ice and heavy rains.” You will! Neither will the other “elites” who are too rich, too influential or too important to shoulder the burdens that the “common folk” should endure in the name of preventing the “dour” consequences of driving their cars, heating their homes, feeding their families and pursuing “life, liberty and happiness.”

Don’t be taken in by phrases such as “someone will pay for the noble cause of “greenness,” and it won’t be Rajendra Pachauri.

Jerrold Cheesbro

Sun City Center