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Letters to the editor: ‘Adolph Putin’

Published: March 5, 2014

‘Adolf Putin’

Vladimir Putin’s naked aggression reminds me of the same tactics that Adolf Hitler used to take over countries in the prelude to World War II. Adolf Putin is invading a sovereign country, and at the least will annex the Crimea. They will do this in the name of protecting Russian-speaking citizens of the Crimea. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

By the way, does he plan on doing this in any more former Soviet satellite countries since most of them have Russian-speaking populations? I hope the European Union and U.S. don’t huff and puff for 30 or 40 days then forget about it. The rest of the world needs to make Russia suffer by economic means. War is definitely not an option.

Paul Cotter


Why haven’t we learned?

I am a 40-year, active-duty Navy veteran who cannot believe what my country is doing to our military. In my years of active duty I experienced many ups and downs with the military. In the early 1980s, after the Vietnam War, Congress and the president cut the military severely. Once these cuts were truly in effect, the military found that those eligible to retire mostly did so. Those in their early years of active duty chose not to re-enlist. So, all of a sudden the military — and I can speak directly for the Navy, as I worked in the manpower field — found itself with few people in specialties and no middle managers. The seniors who were not quite eligible to retire and the very junior personnel who were on their first enlistment were left trying to operate equipment and manage things for which they did not yet have training. The situation got even worse as ships would return from a nine-month deployment, and large numbers in critical ratings were marched across the pier to another deploying ship. These sailors with families were bailing out as soon as possible. If Congress and the president cannot see this happening again, they are blind.

The big problem now is we are dependent on volunteers. With the proposed cuts coming I don’t see there being waiting lines at the recruiting offices. I have three grandsons, and I would do everything within my power to keep them from joining the U.S. military.

Hugh Sullivan



The Letter of the Day on Feb. 28 is typical of the mindset of many misguided Americans as it relates to national security and defense spending (“Don’t reduce deficit on backs of our military”).

As well, the control corporate America exercises over the government is reflected in just how ignorant most Americans are to the truth when it relates to national security.

I love this country. I have lived the American dream and would like to see more opportunity for others to live it as well. Having served in Vietnam, I have kindred feelings for our men and women in the military; this also gives me a perspective that many do not share.

We who served are not heroes; we have not kept this country safe. We were and are victims of misguided politicians and men like the letter writer who unwittingly, by their sanction, facilitate the sacrifice of young men and women on the altar of the egos of people who send our children to die in foreign lands for political reasons and for profit. The wars and conflicts fought after WWII were not fought to keep us safe.

Our failed foreign and military policy only enriched the military-industrial complex and corporations that benefit from destruction.

Once the world realizes we are serious about our own defense and not civil wars in other countries — and once it is recognized we have leaders who will not equivocate — I suspect we can finally get down to the real war: the economic war, which we are not winning.

Henry Pierson


Votes and consumers

Regarding “Don’t reduce deficit on backs of our military:” Having served five years, three months and 19 days, I support our military 100 percent. Our country cannot do enough for it.

My sense is that the bottom line or root cause of both social welfare (food stamps, welfare, etc.) and corporate welfare (no-win wars, foreign aid, etc.) is economics.

Politics is certainly involved, but the establishment families (Rockefeller, Ford, Mellon, et al.) control both major political parties, so the transfer of wealth from the ignorant and apathetic American masses to those owning corporate America occurs during the administrations of either political party.

Rather than votes, welfare provides consumers for our largest corporations. Those on the dole spend the money immediately, providing revenue and profits for our largest corporations and their major stockholders, the aforementioned establishment.

If welfare recipients could hold on to money, they wouldn’t be poor. And if corporate America didn’t profit from the added revenue provided via welfare by taxpayers, there’d be a dramatic increase in death by starvation here in the richest nation on Earth.

As FDR said: “In politics, nothing happens by accident.” In a free society, nothing happens that we don’t let happen.

Bill Madden


Role model

I feel led to respond and offer my thanks to William Butler for his letter “A proper upbringing” (Your Views, March 1).

The writer shows his maturity and intelligence by encouraging everyone to make better decisions when their actions affect others.

This gentleman, I am very sure, makes his parents proud, and I hope they are able to read his thoughtful letter.

This man is an example of a real “role model”!

Thomas Garrett

Temple Terrace