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Letter of the day: GOP views are not the problem with country

Published: December 22, 2013

A recent opinion piece by Martin Shram posited that the Republicans have become a party of extreme views, which is causing gridlock in Washington. Permit me to enumerate my perception of some of these extreme views:

1. Republicans believe that the federal government ought to have a budget. For five years the Democrat-controlled Senate and President Obama refused to pass a budget. They simply want to continue to spend more each year.

2. Republicans believe that federal deficits of a trillion dollars or so each year are bankrupting the nation and will burden our children and grandchildren. The Democrat leadership appears to have no concern over deficits whatsoever.

3. Republicans believe that taxes are high enough and that the government should find a way to operate with the trillions of dollars those taxes provide each year.

I suspect that a majority of the American people would support the above positions. It is folks like Schram in Washington that are the true “outliers.”

Raymond Androne

Land O’ Lakes