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Letters to the editor: Take note, politicians

Published: September 3, 2013 Updated: September 3, 2013 at 11:19 AM

Take note, politicians

It has come to light that some of our government employees are calling in sick, then going to a second job and getting paid twice. Some have been doing it for quite awhile. Some of our politicians don’t see anything wrong with this practice. This is coming from some people who don’t work a full week, hire their friends and relatives (nepotism) and contributors. Of course, they see nothing wrong. They also have no problem borrowing money to misspend on just about anything they can come up with.

Let our politicians take note here: The moronic, monster waste of tax dollars on which the public was lied to every inch of the way was defeated by voters across the bay last week. You are next. In the real world, when one lies to collect benefits, you get fired. Do your job; stop looking the other way.

Cesar Padilla, executive director of the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission, should have been fired, not allowed to retire.

Do we need to contact the FBI again and have them clean house like last time?

Craig R. McNees


Love thy neighbor ...

Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tampa has chosen to kick Scout Troop 4 to the curb. The decision was based on a good, sound Christian belief: Love thy neighbor as long as he isn’t gay. I am sure Jesus Christ is very proud.

I have three friends who were members of Troop 4 when they were young. They all say their Scouting experiences were terrific. Two of my friends are gay. When they were Scouts, the subject of gay versus non-gay never came up; they were just little boys having a great time with other little boys. Too bad that Trinity Presbyterian has such a hatred toward little gay boys who could only benefit from participation in the Scouts.

Jesus wept.

Garland Mitchell


Bucs’ owners

Another Tampa Bay Bucs season is getting ready to start, and the fan asks, “How will they do?”

Look at the facts:

Since the start of the 2010 season, 19 of 23 regular-season home games have been blacked out, as well as all eight home preseason games.

Ownership has conclusively proven they are not part of and do not care to be part of the game experience.

When was the last time one of them walked through the parking lot thanking and high-fiving fans?

When was the last time they interacted with the kids who attend to afford them a special experience?

When was the last time they made a conscious effort to be a part of the local sports community?

They may win on the field, but ownership is deficient in just about every other category. All three need a personality transplant.

They need to get a copy of the Lightning’s management playbook to see how ownership should act.

Dick Powers


Snook still stressed

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made a big mistake by opening the snook season on Sept. 1 when the snook population is far from recovered.

The Tribune’s recent article, “Snook numbers recover after brutal freeze,” is full of misinformation and does not reflect the reality of the freeze of 2010. The statements “A freeze that nearly killed off one in three ... ” and “ ... figured as much as 28 percent of the population (snook) perished during those 11 days” are false. The fact is, at the least, 75 percent of the snook on the west coast of Florida died in that freeze.

In the article, Ron Taylor, snook researcher at the FWC’s Florida Wildlife Research Institute, was quoted as saying, “They’re (snook) not to the abundance level they were in 2009, but they are approaching that.” Baloney! It’s only been three-and-a-half years since the devastating freeze of 2010, and the scientists must not read their own snook age/length studies because if they did they would see that common-sense math says that what they are saying is impossible. The reality of what is not in the water bears out their serious error in assessment.

In another article, Taylor also said there was another incentive for opening the season: “We have not been able to collect carcasses from anglers on the west coast for three years.” This is not a common-sense incentive to open the season on the still-underpopulated and stressed snook population.

Capt. James Wisner


Players and soldiers

Regarding the proposed settlement of the lawsuit against the NFL regarding concussions: I believe we should take a deep look into these lawsuits. We should notice that the athlete knows he or she is in a contact sport where any type of injury could occur. Plus, they have a choice — play or not play. They are receiving big money for this, so I say “no” to these lawsuits and big payouts.

Look at it this way: A soldier gets killed or injured in battle. What does he get?

Harold Mcwithey