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Family's mud run draws more than 1,000

By gary s. hatrick
Tribune correspondent
Published: July 4, 2013
Participants in the Mud Run at Hidden Creek tackle the rope-walk obstacle on Saturday at the former Hidden Creek Golf Course in Zephyrhills.

ZEPHYRHILLS - About 1,100 runners tackled obstacles in the Mud Run at Hidden Creek recently at the former Hidden Creek Golf Course in Zephyrhills.Twila Booker-Kincaid, the main organizer of the run, said the effort was a family affair. The idea of a mud run came from her brother B.J. Booker.Booker-Kincaid ran with the idea, leased the property and, with the help of Randy Yoho of Mud Endeavor, who built the obstacles and held a run at Hidden Creek in April, learned the ins and outs of mud running.Booker-Kincaid bought the obstacles from Yoho and with the help of her family planned Saturday's event. "We thought, when we first started, if we just get 300 people that would be a success," she said. "We went from 300 to 500 to 750 and over 1,000."The mud run is not a competition; it's just for fun, she said."Everybody left happy," Booker-Kincaid said.Booker-Kincaid and family members are planning another event for Sept. 21. "It's an '80s theme," she said, "with totally rad and big hair and your Motley Crue concert T-shirt kind of things."