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Letters to the editor: Religion of 'me-ism'

Published: July 3, 2013
Religion of 'me-ism'I read the June 29 Letter of the Day ("Now, stop war against unborn") and couldn't agree more with Jim Connolly. It did dawn on me, though, why we will never stop killing the unborn. It's the same reason homosexuals are pushing for gay marriage and why many Americans won't say a thing about it or actually will support it. It's called the religion of "me-ism," better known as narcissism.It's the attitude that I want whatever someone else has, and I won't stop until I get it. I want to have sex and if I get pregnant or get someone pregnant, I want to get rid of the baby and no one can stop me. I want to get married and have all the rights, including dragging children into my lifestyle, and have a church wedding and any tax breaks that heterosexuals have, and no one can stop me.I want to buy a house that I can't afford, and then I want the government to come in and bail me out by blaming the banks for lending me money after I protested that they were not making enough loans to the poor. I want to charge thousands of dollars on my credit cards, and then I want to declare bankruptcy so the government will come in and tell my creditors they have to accept less than I owe them. They will because if they don't, I won't give them anything. I want laws to grant me an easy path to citizenship even though I broke the law to get here.I look at today's politics, protests, all the demanding of rights and pushing the limits, and I feel like I'm looking at a grade-school playground, but these are so-called adults. There is an old adage that has its roots in the Bible. You reap what you sow.Terry A. LarsonSeffnerRights and religionRegarding "Triumph for religious freedom" (Our Views, June 29): So you are proclaiming that an employer who wants to deny coverage for birth control on religious grounds to be a victory for religious freedom. So I guess your position on anyone with a religious opposition to any medical procedure should be exempt from providing that procedure to any of their employees. How about those who forbid blood transfusions? Is it your position that they don't have to pay for any of their employees who might need one? How about those religions that are only for natural child birth? If I feel it's against God's laws to get a C-section, can I refuse to cover any of my employees who need one? How about if I feel that if somebody is sick, they should pray for healing rather than seek medical treatment? Can I refuse to cover doctors visits or any medical procedure? Don't you realize how short-sighted your opinion is?If you allow this refusal of treatment for one type of health coverage, you have to allow it for all. Do you not think that every independent business person will join a religion that advocates natural health over traditional medical treatment? This is exactly like a tax loophole for businesses. It puts more money in the pockets of business owners while their employees continue to be denied services that should be covered.Religion has no business in deciding these things. You should be ashamed for your narrow-minded views. We have laws to protect workers in the areas of minimum wages, overtime, safety, etc. Religious opinions on any of those things do not give permission for them to refuse to abide by them. The same should hold for medical insurance.Don't deny me my rights because of your religion.Duke MarquisPlant CityUnappetizing pictureI have read with interest the many letters regarding the ruling against DOMA. Almost every letter against this action made reference to Christian precepts and Jesus Christ. May I respectfully remind these so-called Christians that Jesus Christ embraced everyone in love and compassion and tolerance. If they could step back and take a good, hard look in the mirror I would venture to say they would not like what they see reflected there. The face of hate and ignorance is always an unappetizing picture.Patricia Lee-LucardieTampawww