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Published: May 6, 2013
Others’ misfortune Most people can find 50 ways to look the other way when injustice or unfairness is part of someone else’s misfortune.If it doesn’t affect me, why should I worry about it?This latest tragedy in Bangladesh is not my concern because I need cheap merchandise and it’s just too bad that some poor slob had to get crushed. That factory, (which probably caused a solid, safe facility in the United States to be shut down) produced low-priced products that we in the developed world love to have. It just doesn’t matter that those workers can’t afford that shirt or blouse because they only make $9.75 a week (24 cents an hour).What matters most is me.There isn’t one store or person or country to blame for life’s misfortunes. Life is cruel and I was lucky enough to be born here where me and my friends are just too busy to care. Our well being is our only desire.Tom CowanDoverMoot issue In response to Diana Gilbert’s “Keep Scout Standards” (Your Views, May 2), allowing homosexuals to be in the Scouts is not the same as engaging in sexual conduct. What a person is and what a person does outside the Scouts should have no bearing on being a Scout. There shouldn’t be sexual activity while participating in scouting functions anyway, making the issue of homosexuality moot.Jane KleinHudsonA questonable call With all the problems we have, North Korea, Iran, Syria, terrorists in Russia and such, President Obama has time to call Jason Collins to congratulate him for coming out of the closet. This is the same president who not too long ago condemned gay marriage. He is no different than all the others who do not have the courage to stand up for what we believe in.This is a man who is supposed to lead the free world?It is beginning to seem gay activist have an agenda to promote and recruit as many members to their social network as possible with their “gay days” and “gay parades.”John MannoneTampaDisgusted Reading in the Tribune about all those folks raising Cain about Hillsborough County wanting to catch the wild cats and get rid of them makes this 77-year-old sick to his stomach. Babies are killed by the hundreds in this nation; these are the new norms today.Marriage is almost a thing of the past; babies having babies; the morning-after pill approved for 15-year-olds. What has happened to the morals of this nation?The moral decline in America is bringing judgment. Read your Bible or purchase one.George HensonPlant City