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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Whining indicates loose belt

Dear Tom and Ray: I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer with about 90,000 miles. Several months back, I was driving home on a rainy night and splashed through a deep puddle. Immediately, a loud whining noise came from the car, which grew louder when I pushed on the gas. A minute later, it stopped. Then about a week later, on another rainy day, it happened again. It happens for only about a minute, then stops. It now happens even when itís not raining, when I just step on the gas for more power. The whining is very loud and scary, and it makes me think the car is going to explode. My husband thinks itís nothing and that I should continue to ignore it; however, I am pregnant and donít want to head into motherhood worrying about my safety and the safety of my baby. Please help! ó Moon RAY: It sounds to me like a slipping belt, Moon. Iím guessing your splash guard fell off, and that allowed water to splash up and temporarily lubricate your belt. Belts arenít supposed to be lubricated; theyíre supposed to be sticky. When a belt slips and slides on its pulleys, it makes that shrieking/whining noise. TOM: And all that slipping wore out your belt even more, so now it slips even when itís not wet.
RAY: It makes noise when you step on the gas, which is a classic symptom of a loose or worn-out belt. Eventually, the belt will get so bad that itíll squeal all the time. Then one day itíll break and fall off, and youíll lose your power steering and alternator, among other things. TOM: But the noise will be gone! RAY: True. But my advice would be, before that happens, to take it into a shop and tell them you have what you think is a belt noise, and ask them to check it out. You want to get this fixed, Moon. Trust me on this ó there will be more than enough squealing and whining in your future. You need to enjoy and savor all the peace and quiet you can get in the next few months! Tom and Ray share secrets on how you can save tens of thousands of dollars on your cars over the next 20 years in their pamphlet ďShould I Buy, Lease, or Steal My Next Car?Ē Send $4.75 (check or money order) to Next Car, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. You can listen to Tom and Ray Magliozziís ďCar TalkĒ program at 10 a.m. Saturdays on National Public Radio station WUSF, 89.7 FM. Got a question about cars? E-mail Click and Clack by visiting the Car Talk website at www.cartalk.com. They canít answer your letter personally but will run the best letters in the column.
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