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Monday, Jun 25, 2018
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You know it's cold in Florida when ...

The leaves don't change color and there certainly won't be any snow flurries, but chances are you'll look around the Tampa Bay area today and see the signs cold weather anyway. That's because Floridians have a few particular habits they act out when it finally gets a little chilly (at least by our standards).

Here are 15 things people do when the temperature drops under 70 in Florida. Think of more? Share them with us in the comments.

1. Wear the Ugg boots you spent way too much on.

2. Finally drive your convertible as it was intended — with the top down.

3. Make a big pot of chili or homemade soup.

4. Turn off the air conditioning. And if you're a real wimp, turn on the heat.

5. Dress your dog in a sweater.

6. Switch from iced coffee to hot coffee.

7. Talk about “that one time it snowed here.”

8. Complain about how cold it is, like in the summer when you complain about how hot and humid it is.

9. Wear socks.

10. Instead of shooing pets from the bedroom at night, you actively round them up to get in bed with you.

11. Tell the native Floridians about how much colder it was “back home.”

12. Sit inside at a restaurant because it's too cold outside.

13. Wear closed-toe shoes instead of sandals.

14. Find the one jacket you own.

15. Shake your head at the tourists swimming at the beach.

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